Floor Games

Read by Mark F. Smith

(4.4 stars; 32 reviews)

H.G. Wells had so much fun playing with his children on the floor of their playroom, he decided to write a jovial little book to inspire other parents in their pursuit of quality time with the kids. While the raw materials available from hobby stores of his day were woefully short of the variety and quality of what can be bought easily now, he and his sons created their own worlds to rule. This short work describes two games of imagination played out upon the floor of his home - an archipelago of islands, and a thoroughly integrated city, conveniently organized with two mayoral positions for his sons “G.P.W.” and “F.R.W.” While the toy people appearing in their worlds were often of martial nature, Wells decided to leave description of military games to a later book: “Little Wars.” (0 hr 45 min)


Floor Games 45:13 Read by Mark F. Smith



(4 stars)

Mark Smith never disappoints with his readings. He can make anything more enjoyable to listen to. This short story is not particularly intriguing, but it is an interesting idea and short enough to merit listening to. I enjoy H. G. Wells stories so decided to give it a listen.

Inspiring, fun book.

(5 stars)

Yet another great reading by Mark Smith. Wells gives us a glimpse of how he shared his imagination with his kids and inspired them to be creative in their play. It's inspiring to me, as a dad and child at heart... short, fun story when you have a few mins- I highly recommend it, even if you're not a H.G. Wells fan.

Great Book!

(5 stars)

It takes me back to the days when imagination reigned for hours at play. Playing has been a favorite pastime for many generations, I think.

(5 stars)

old times, so take it with a giant grain of salt.

Cute and inspiring! I wish children would do this more today.

(5 stars)

Perfect book

(5 stars)


(4 stars)

more surprises so delightful to listen to