A Little Princess (version 2)

Read by Karen Savage

(4.9 stars; 1348 reviews)

Sara is brought to Miss Minchin's Select Seminary for Young Ladies by her father, Captain Crewe, because the climate in India doesn't agree with children. After several years as Miss Minchin's show pupil, news comes that Captain Crewe has died penniless, and left Sara destitute. Miss Minchin keeps her on as an unpaid drudge, until a mysterious benefactor comes to her aid. (Summary by Karen Savage) (5 hr 41 min)


Sara 18:18 Read by Karen Savage
A French Lesson 10:09 Read by Karen Savage
Ermengarde 12:43 Read by Karen Savage
Lottie 15:00 Read by Karen Savage
Becky 16:51 Read by Karen Savage
The Diamond Mines 17:08 Read by Karen Savage
The Diamond Mines Again, Part 1 16:31 Read by Karen Savage
The Diamond Mines Again, Part 2 16:31 Read by Karen Savage
In the Attic 17:31 Read by Karen Savage
Melchisedec 18:46 Read by Karen Savage
The Indian Gentleman 19:51 Read by Karen Savage
Ram Dass 15:10 Read by Karen Savage
The Other Side of the Wall 13:27 Read by Karen Savage
One of the Populace 16:58 Read by Karen Savage
What Melchisedec Heard and Saw 8:28 Read by Karen Savage
The Magic, Part 1 13:31 Read by Karen Savage
The Magic, Part 2 13:53 Read by Karen Savage
The Magic, Part 3 13:34 Read by Karen Savage
The Visitor 26:01 Read by Karen Savage
'It is the Child' 11:17 Read by Karen Savage
'I Tried Not to Be' 18:27 Read by Karen Savage
Anne 10:58 Read by Karen Savage



(5 stars)

I love Karen Savage’s voice and Frances Hodgson Burnett’s stories are wonderful when I am sick and am trying to soothe myself. I think I am sick with the flu, and I listened to the entire book today when I wasn’t sleeping. It made me feel so much better. Ms. Savage’s voice lessened my aches and pains just like the voice of my mother reading to me. Thank you.

A Librivox Favorite!

(5 stars)

The story is a beautiful one that keeps you wanting to listen to know what will happen next. The reading is beautifully done by Karen Savage. The combination of story and reader has made this my favorite listen on LibriVox!


(5 stars)

Karen Savage is a treasure and does a superb job. I started with version 1 but quickly switched to version 2. it made all the difference, I couldn't ask for a better reading of this lovely book.

Great Book!!

(5 stars)

Great book, I love it!! I always used to listen to it when I was a kid and I still do!! I'm now 8 and I've listened to it since I was 5?? All I ask for is a part two, I want to see how it will turn out, sadly, Frances Hogson Burnet has probably not made a part two since it was made I'm 1888, anyway, I still think this is a great book, keep up the good work!!

Sweet Gentle Story

(5 stars)

This is a sweet gentle story… If you like Pollyanna and Anne of Green Gables you will enjoy this. Pretty unbelievable, but that is part of its charm. Beautifully read, and a happy ending! Lots of morals in it for thinking of others.

(5 stars)

I have read this over and over since I was a child. We had a beautiful copy given to my Aunt Susie on her tenth birthday in 1945. This version has some different additions, based perhaps on original play? Not sure but quite welcome.

A wonderful story

(5 stars)

I listened to this for the first time because it was read by Karen Savage. It is a wonderful story and the way Karen Savage reads it really brings the story home to you. Thank you Karen Savage.

Great story, great reading

(5 stars)

Karen Savage is my favorite and whatever story she reads moves me and makes me cry. I strongly recommend her to anyone thinking about listening to some literature. This story itself cleansed my stressed soul too.