Shakespeare Monologues Collection vol. 15 (Multilingual)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is the 15th edition of the Shakespeare Monologues Collection, in which Librivox volunteers bring you their favorite characters' monologues. All topics and emotions are covered, from love to hate, drawn from Shakespeare's comedies and tragedies, world-famous and lesser known lines. Recordings are mostly in English, with one each in Portuguese, Latin, and Italian. - Summary by ToddHW (1 hr 14 min)


Pericles - Ancient Gower - Prelude 2:37 Read by Alan Mapstone
Henry V - Chorus - Prelude 2:12 Read by Winston Tharp
Richard II - Richard - No Matter Where 2:55 Read by Peter Yearsley
Hamlet - Hamlet - To Be or Not To Be (Portuguese) 2:56 Read by Isa
Timon of Athens - Timon - O Blessed Breeding Sun 3:34 Read by Chris Pyle
King John - Lewis - Your grace shall pardon me 2:19 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Measure for Measure - Claudio - Ay but to die 1:20 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Hamlet - Hamlet - To Be or Not To Be 4:35 Read by Cornel Nemes
Romeo and Juliet - Juliet - Prologue 1:45 Read by Layabanoor
Measure fo Measure - Isabella - To whom should I complain 1:36 Read by Teresa Spencer
Hamlet - Hamlet - Now might I do it pat 1:55 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Romeo and Juliet - Juliett - Gallop apace 2:05 Read by EliseDee
Richard III - Richard - Now is the winter of our discontent 2:35 Read by Cavaet
Julius Caesar - Anthony - Friends, Romans, Countrymen 2:26 Read by Cavaet
Henry V - Henry V - This Day is called St.Crispian's Day 2:46 Read by Cavaet
As You Like It - Rosalind - It is not the fashion 1:44 Read by EliseDee
Julius Caesar - Anthony - Friends, Romans, countryman (Latin) 3:35 Read by Liber
Julius Caesar - Anthony - Friends, Romans, countryman (Italian) 3:21 Read by Liber
Hamlet - Hamlet - O, that this too too solid flesh would melt 2:25 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Hamlet - Hamlet - How all occasions do inform against me 2:24 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Coriolanus - Coriolanus - You common cry of curs! whose breath I hate 1:28 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Henry V - Mistress Quickly - The death of Falstaff 2:18 Read by Kelly S. Taylor
Henry V - Chorus - O For a Muse of Fire 2:21 Read by Mike Manolakes
Merry Wives of Windsor - Falstaff - Nay, you shall hear, Master Brook 2:09 Read by Mike Manolakes
A Winters Tale - Autolycus - What a fool honesty is in 1:53 Read by donovandrowse
MacBeth - Lady MacBeth - The raven himself is hoarse that croaks 1:57 Read by Kelly S. Taylor
King Lear - Edmund - This is the excellent foppery of the world 1:22 Read by Cavaet
Much Ado About Nothing - Leonato - Wherefore! Why doth not every earthly thing 1:50 Read by Mike Manolakes
The Winter's Tale - Antigonus - Come, Poor Babe 3:53 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Hamlet - Hamlet - O, What a rogue and peasant slave am I 3:50 Read by Bruce Kachuk