The Wishing-Stone Stories

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“Tommy scuffed his bare, brown feet in the grass … A scowl, a deep, dark, heavy scowl, had chased all merriment from his round, freckled face. It seemed as if the very freckles were trying to hide from it. Tommy didn’t care. He said so. He said so right out loud. He didn’t care if all the world knew it. He wanted the world to know it. It was a horrid old world anyway…”
Soon, Tommy finds the “wishing stone.” His wishes transform him into a mouse, and then a succession of animals of the forest giving him a new perspective and exciting adventures, including times with Peter Rabbit and other forest friends. What will he finally learn about himself and the world?
- Summary by Larry Wilson (4 hr 37 min)


Tommy and the Wishing-Stone 20:56 Read by Nan Dodge
How Tommy Learned to Admire Thunderer the Ruffed Grouse 23:48 Read by Ritu Aarcee
What Happened When Tommy Became a Mink 21:49 Read by Jvisi
Tommy Becomes a Very Humble Person 22:22 Read by Dessa Dixon
Why Peter Rabbit Has One Less Enemy 20:24 Read by Lynnette Rose
Why Tommy Became a Friend of Red Squirrels 24:42 Read by Nan Dodge
The Pleasures and Troubles of Bobby Coon 20:25 Read by Anjanette Barr
How Tommy Envied Honker the Goose 21:36 Read by Ritu Aarcee
How It Happened that Reddy Fox Gained a Friend 30:45 Read by Peter Davies
Tommy Becomes a Furry Engineer 23:55 Read by mleigh
Why Tommy Took Up All His Traps 25:16 Read by Dessa Dixon
Tommy Learns What It Is Like to Be a Bear 21:55 Read by Kathleen Moore