Henry the Fifth

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A brief history of the life Henry the Fifth. - Summary by KevinS (4 hr 36 min)


The Boyhood of Henry 13:24 Read by mleigh
Prince Henry and Prince Hal 24:53 Read by KevinS
Prince Henry and the Chief Justice 14:12 Read by Mike Manolakes
The Charges Against Prince Henry 22:08 Read by KevinS
Accession to the Throne 12:48 Read by jenno
The French Crown 13:53 Read by Michael Fassio
Preparations for War 13:20 Read by Michael Fassio
The Invasion of France 15:48 Read by Florence
Agincourt 20:58 Read by Florence
After Agincourt 17:28 Read by jenno
Henry and the Lollards 13:44 Read by KevinS
Henry and Queen Joanna 7:07 Read by mleigh
The Second Campaign in France 28:17 Read by Michele Eaton
Henry's Marriage 14:03 Read by jenno
The Siege of Melun 10:50 Read by jenno
The Last Campaigns 12:36 Read by jenno
The Death of Henry 20:45 Read by KevinS