The Island of Doctor Moreau (Version 3)

Read by Tom Haire

(4.7 stars; 63 reviews)

In 1896 HG Wells produced the Island of Doctor Moreau. After a fateful shipwreck, a chance rescue, and offer of safe harbor, Edward Prendick must contend with a dark science. A man of science, Prendick must wrestle with the ethics of its passions. His inner struggle is illuminated by the island's outward horrors. Central to the themes are ethics, principles, and the extent of human compassion. This science fiction icon argues the true question of science: Could the cure be more dangerous than the disease? (Summary by Tom Haire ) (5 hr 21 min)


Introduction 3:16 Read by Tom Haire
In the Dingey of the "Lady Vain" 6:43 Read by Tom Haire
The Man Who Was Going Nowhere 7:00 Read by Tom Haire
The Strange Face 12:38 Read by Tom Haire
At the Schooner's Rail 8:21 Read by Tom Haire
The Man Who Had Nowhere to Go 9:23 Read by Tom Haire
The Evil-Looking Boatmen 12:11 Read by Tom Haire
The Locked Door 12:16 Read by Tom Haire
The Crying of the Puma 7:55 Read by Tom Haire
The Thing in the Forest 24:01 Read by Tom Haire
The Crying of the Man 9:25 Read by Tom Haire
The Hunting of the Man 14:26 Read by Tom Haire
The Sayers of the Law 20:30 Read by Tom Haire
The Parley 10:51 Read by Tom Haire
Doctor Moreau Explains 27:19 Read by Tom Haire
Concerning the Beast Folk 13:38 Read by Tom Haire
How the Beast Folk Taste Blood 30:36 Read by Tom Haire
A Catastrophe 12:35 Read by Tom Haire
The Finding of Moreau 10:24 Read by Tom Haire
Montgomery's Bank Holiday 18:59 Read by Tom Haire
Alone With the Beast Folk 12:20 Read by Tom Haire
The Reversion of the Beast Folk 28:25 Read by Tom Haire
The Man Alone 8:18 Read by Tom Haire


(5 stars)

Genius! You wont want to miss a word of this classic. I have read a lot of Wells over the years, but had somehow missed this. It's my new fav. The reader was excellent and brought the characters to life!

(5 stars)

Digs its claws in deep from the get go and doesn't relent. A great reader that adds to the experience with his wonderful addition of unique voices for the book's characters.

Well worth

(5 stars)

Well read. Interesting on its own, as reference of the age and also for the present.

Great reader, horrific and genius book

(5 stars)

I think this one will stay long in my mind. Very creative reader and amazing work giving all creatures voices!!

Well read!

(5 stars)

This reader does a marvelous job with characterization and has a great handle on the material.

Relevant today

(5 stars)

Really interesting reading of this Horror tale that is relevant today. A lesson to be learnt.

(5 stars)

Was good, the reader captured Montgomery very well

A pleasure to listen too.

(5 stars)

Excellent reading