Oliver Twist [1837 1839]

(4.6 stars; 21 reviews)

Oliver Twist [1837-1839] A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of Dickens' famous novel, starring Pam Ferris, Adjoa Andoh and Tim McInnerny with Edward Long as Oliver. Born and brought up in the appalling deprivation of the workhouse, the orphaned Oliver escapes and heads for London, only to fall into the hands of the notorious Fagin and his gang of child thieves. But Oliver is an innocent at heart, and the attempts by Fagin and the impudently witty Artful Dodger to teach him the tricks of the pick-pocket's trade lead only to his almost immediate capture. His subsequent rescue, by the kindly Mr Brownlow, is only the beginning of a series of adventures that lead him to an incredible discovery. This adaptation of Dickens' second novel is a moving tale of innocence and corruption. It features some of his most vital characters, from the diabolical Fagin to the murderous Bill Sikes and his mistress Nancy, whose love for Oliver is both her redemption and her downfall.  Asking for More Charles Dickens Oliver Twist Episode 1 of 6 Escaping from the workhouse, the orphan discovers that greater dangers are lurking outside.  Pickpocket! Charles Dickens Oliver Twist Episode 2 of 6 The Artful Dodger introduces the orphan boy to Fagin, who offers an unusual apprenticeship. Masks and Pistols Charles Dickens Oliver Twist Episode 3 of 6 The rescued orphan's good fortune comes to an end when he's spied by Fagin.  Dark Secrets Charles Dickens Oliver Twist Episode 4 of 6 As the orphan recovers from his injuries, a dying woman reveals the truth about his past. Betrayal Charles Dickens Oliver Twist Episode 5 of 6 A midnight meeting on London Bridge sparks terrible consequences.  Hue and Cry Charles Dickens Oliver Twist Episode 6 of 6 When Nancy learns of the orphan boy's predicament, the hunt mounts for Bill Sikes. 

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