Three Ghost Stories

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.8 stars; 89 reviews)

As a gifted writer with a strong interest in supernatural phenomena, Charles Dickens produced a string of ghost stories with enduring charm. Three of them are presented here, of which The Signal Man is one of the best known. Though quite different from his most celebrated realistic and humorous critical novels, these ghost stories, Gothic and grotesque as they are, are of good portrayal, and worth a read/listen. Summary by Vivian Chan (2 hr 10 min)


01 - The Signal-Man 30:27 Read by Muhammad Mussnoon
02a - The Haunted-House 43:39 Read by Marian Brown
02b - The Haunted-House 28:09 Read by Marian Brown
03 - The Trial For Murder 28:43 Read by Muhammad Mussnoon


(4 stars)

I've really enjoyed your reading so far. The one about the signal man I found very spooky and well done. I could definitely understand you and I'm a native English speaker. Enjoyable!

Well read

(0 stars)

I enjoyed these a lot! Thanks, LibriiVox volunteers! You rule!!


(5 stars)

very good listen; readers were pleasant. thank you!

(2.5 stars)

Readers fine, stories not so much

Your great grandfather's ghost stories

(2.5 stars)

These stories were boring and not at all frightening. And I am so grateful for the volunteer readers, but when you don't know how to pronounce all the words, it spoils the exemplary language of Dickens. The reader who took the first and last chapter is foreign and didn't know how to pronounce about one word in twenty, so it was distracting. But I thank him for his service, anyway.


(2.5 stars)

The signalman is a good story and worth a listen, where as the other two leave a bit to be desired, particularly the second story. The narrator’s strong accent takes a little bit of getting used to, but you don’t notice it after a short while. We are of course grateful for his efforts though.