The Dead (version 2)

Read by Elizabeth Klett

(4.5 stars; 100 reviews)

This novella is the final story in Joyce's collection Dubliners. It describes a Christmas party given by Kate and Julia Morkan, two elderly Dublin ladies, that is attended by their nephew, Gabriel Conroy, and his wife. While the party is festive, full of dancing, drinking, and eating, it is also pervaded by political, religious, and sexual tensions, as well as memories of loss. When Gabriel and his wife go home at the end of the night, she reveals a long-kept secret that leads to an epiphany. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett). (1 hr 36 min)


Part 1 23:40 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Part 2 17:46 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Part 3 19:43 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Part 4 35:07 Read by Elizabeth Klett


sorry, just didn't ring with me.

(2 stars)

I am a painter and usually will quickly grasp symbolism but just didn't with this book. Elizabeth, as always, did a tremendous read. at this time I am now picking the books she has done the read on. so glad this was short, on to the next.

greatly read, story seems unfinished

(3 stars)

As always Elizabeth Klett has enchanted me while listening to this great reading of hers. Anyways I find the story unfinished. There was no end ... that's why three stars.

Beyond me

(3 stars)

Good reader. Pointless text.

A beautiful story beautifully read

(5 stars)

This beautiful and justly famous story is one of the finest works of one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. I’ve read it many times. No need to search for symbolism or a message here - or, for that matter, in any work of art. It just is . It’s an experience and, for me and its legion of admirers, a profoundly moving one. And that experience is made all the more moving by Elizabeth Klett’s sympathetic and subtle reading.

(4 stars)

hmm. so the greatest love is for someone to die for us? well, there is the one who died for our sins, but to die because they can not live without us? I can see old people who have been together for 30 yrs or more. anything less I think is a psychological concern.

excellent short

(5 stars)

excellent story about a man who must confront his on humanity. Ms. Klett did a wonderful job as always. I'm just disappointed she read this in an American accent

An Excellent Story Excellently Read (and sung)

(5 stars)

I knew Elizabeth Klett was a great reader but I didn't know that she has a fine singing voice as well.

beautifully read by one of libravox' best!

(5 stars)

Wonderful, Understated and beautifully paced reading of a classic text. Thank you Elizabeth Klett.