Christmas Short Works Collection 2021

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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The 2021 Christmas collection has some old favourites and some new, some reflections.
Shepherds with a difference from New Zealand, and hopefully everyone will find something to
Summary by Annise
(7 hr 53 min)


Christmas 4:16 Read by Rapunzelina
A Christmas Accident 33:12 Read by Maria Kasper
Christmas Day in New Zealand 1:01:27 Read by Gail Timmerman Vaughan
A Christmas Legend 3:37 Read by Tomas Peter
Christmas Presents: Those We Give and Those We Get 19:56 Read by Mary in Arkansas
A Sermon made on Christmas Day at Bexterly, 25 December 1552 23:57 Read by InTheDesert
Our Christmas Tree 17:04 Read by KevinS
The Christmas Trees 1:46 Read by Tomas Peter
The Gift of the Magi 12:20 Read by Camryn Blakely
How Dot Heard the Messiah 20:57 Read by Greg Giordano
Jack Frost and Sons 49:03 Read by Michele Fry
A Kidnapped Santa Claus 23:01 Read by Jennifer Escalante
King Cole 3:46 Read by Devorah Allen
li ventiscinqe novemmre 1:08 Read by Pier
Lukas 2, Vers 1 - 14 3:00 Read by lorda
Мальчик у Христа на елке 18:52 Read by Anastasiia Solokha
The Mansion 51:01 Read by Camryn Blakely
My Christmas Dinner 19:24 Read by Maria Kasper
Noël 1:18 Read by Sonia
An Old Story 3:02 Read by Devorah Allen
Scrooge 1920 - A New Christmas Carol 8:16 Read by Rafe Ball
Il sogno del natale 22:52 Read by HandmadePSK
The First New England Christmas 16:46 Read by Brianna Chiles
The Pilgrim's First Christmas 19:48 Read by kowen06
The Night After Christmas 2:41 Read by MaryAnne
Twas the Night Before Christmas 3:52 Read by shamy4
Ялинка (Yalynka) 26:59 Read by Anastasiia Solokha