Love Stories Volume 5

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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Here are 20 more love stories under an hour each, offered by LibriVox volunteers, covering all kinds of experiences involving romance or other kinds of love resulting in heartbreak or happiness, fantastic or real -- where the heart overflows with passion, pride, emotion or wonder. You know -- love. - Summary by Michele Fry (7 hr 59 min)


Akin To Love by Lucy Maud Montgomery 27:19 Read by Krista Zaleski
The Friendship of Amis and Amile by William Morris 37:31 Read by KevinS
Angela by William Schwenck Gilbert 14:09 Read by Richa Jain
An Object of Love by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman 25:08 Read by Michele Fry
Captain Veneno's Proposal of Marriage by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón 9:38 Read by Lee Vogler
Cast Thy Bread Upon The Waters by Grace Aguilar 50:05 Read by William Allan Jones
A Charming Woman by Jerome K. Jerome 14:38 Read by William Allan Jones
First Love by Emilia Pardo-Bazan 18:03 Read by Lee Vogler
A Good Woman by Arnold Bennett 45:26 Read by Dawn Sutton
Honor Among Sportsmen by Richard Connell 42:27 Read by Rita Boutros
Kismet by Lucy Maud Montgomery 9:54 Read by Yoganandh T
The Last Ride Together by Robert Browning 7:42 Read by William Allan Jones
A Little Grey Glove by George Egerton 36:08 Read by William Allan Jones
The Maker of Rainbows by Richard Le Gallienne 15:07 Read by Michele Fry
The Star Lovers by Grace James 10:14 Read by William Allan Jones
A Stop At Suzanne's by Greayer Clover 13:23 Read by William Allan Jones
The District Doctor by Ivan Turgenev 26:55 Read by Rita Boutros
The Head Gardener's Story by Anton Checkov 14:20 Read by lightcrystal
The Lady with the Dog by Anton Chekhov 38:54 Read by Zunzil
The Stolen Dream by Richard Le Gallienne 22:37 Read by William Allan Jones