Shakespeare Monologues Collection vol. 17 (Multilingual)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is the 17th edition of the Shakespeare Monologues Collection, in which Librivox volunteers bring you their favorite characters' monologues. All topics and emotions are covered, from love to hate, drawn from Shakespeare's comedies and tragedies, world-famous and lesser known lines. Recordings are mostly in English, with two in Ukrainian. - Summary by ToddHW (1 hr 21 min)


As You Like It - Jaques - All the World's a Stage 2:56 Read by Kerry Adams
Henry V - Henry V - The English Camp at Agincourt 3:48 Read by Peter Thomlinson (1940-2022)
Alls Well That Ends Well - King - I Would That I Had That Corporal Soundness Now 2:18 Read by Kerry Adams
Henry IV, part 1 - Hotspur - Nay, Then I Cannot Blame His Cousin King 2:44 Read by Kerry Adams
Coriolanus - Agrippa - I am known to be a humorous patrician 3:50 Read by Kerry Adams
Король Лір (Ukrainian) - Ґонеріля - Молошносердий чоловіче 1:31 Read by Anastasiia Solokha
Король Лір (Ukrainian) - Корделя - Хоть би й не був єси отцем їм рідним 2:01 Read by Anastasiia Solokha
Alls Well That Ends Well - Helena - Then I confess here on my knee 1:55 Read by Krista Zaleski
Henry IV, Part 2 - King Henry - Thy wish was father, Harry, to that thought 3:56 Read by Kerry Adams
Coriolanus - Coriolanus - You Common Cry of Curs 1:29 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Richard III - Gloucester - Was ever woman in this humour woo'd 2:23 Read by Cavaet
The Tempest - Prospero - You look my son, in a moved sort 1:43 Read by Cavaet
Timon of Athens - Timon - Let me look back upon thee 3:03 Read by Cavaet
King Lear - Edmund - Thou, Nature, art my Goddess 2:09 Read by Andrew Gaunce
Love's Labours Lost - Berowne - And I forsooth, in love! 2:32 Read by Cavaet
Titus Andronicus - Aaron th Moore - Ay, That I Had Not Done a Thousand More 2:05 Read by Chuck Williamson
Henry IV Part 1 - King Henry - God pardon thee! 4:14 Read by Algy Pug
Twelfth Night - Orsino - If Music Be the Food of Love, Play On 1:42 Read by Chuck Williamson
Coriolanus - Volumnia - Nay, go not from us thus 4:11 Read by KCAudible
Macbeth - Macbeth - I had almost forgot the taste of fears 2:12 Read by Ron Altman
Julius Caesar - Antony - good friends sweet friends let me not stir you up 2:40 Read by Ron Altman
King John - Bastard - Brother adieu: good fortune come to thee 2:24 Read by Cavaet
Hamlet - Ghost - I am thy father's spirit 6:43 Read by Ron Altman
Romeo and Juliet - Juliet - Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again 2:56 Read by FreckleFriday
Romeo and Juliet - Juliet - O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo 1:53 Read by Dawn Sutton
Richard II - Richard - I have been studying how I may compare 3:37 Read by Clarence
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Puck - I am that Merry Wanderer 1:44 Read by Doug Fajardo
The Merchant of Venice - Shylock - To bait fish withal 1:41 Read by Beeswaxcandle
Julius Caeser - Cassius - I know that virtue be in you, Brutus 2:56 Read by Cavaet
Othello - Iago - Virtue, a Fig 1:59 Read by Kerry Adams