Lost Face (and Other Stories)

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Seven stories by Jack London, set in the Yukon and other northwestern localities. The most well-known story in this collection is probably To Build a Fire, which is often taught in American high school classrooms. - Summary by TriciaG (4 hr 34 min)


Lost Face 45:03 Read by EastCentralMinnesota
Trust 28:56 Read by Maurice Donegan
To Build a Fire 45:06 Read by TR Love
That Spot 23:50 Read by DaleBarkley
Flush of Gold 41:46 Read by Craig Abbott
The Passing of Marcus O’Brien 34:41 Read by docdlmartin
The Wit of Porportuk, Part 1 26:57 Read by KHand
The Wit of Porportuk, Part 2 28:11 Read by KHand