Pamphilia to Amphilanthus

Read by Elizabeth Klett

(4.8 stars; 4 reviews)

Pamphilia to Amphilanthus is the first sonnet sequence written by an Englishwoman. Published in 1621, the poems invert the usual format of sonnet sequences by making the speaker a woman (Pamphilia, whose name means "all-loving") and the beloved a man (Amphilanthus, whose name means "lover of two."). It is possible that Wroth based the story on her own fraught relationship with her cousin, William Herbert. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett.) (1 hr 43 min)


01 -Part 01 (Sonnets 1-24, Songs 1-4) 29:17 Read by Elizabeth Klett
02 – Part 02 (Sonnets 25-48, Songs 5-7) 26:27 Read by Elizabeth Klett
03 – Part 03 (A Sonnet and Six Songs) 8:12 Read by Elizabeth Klett
04 – Part 04 (Eleven Sonnets and Three Songs) 13:42 Read by Elizabeth Klett
05 – Part 05 (A Crown of Sonnets Dedicated to Love) 12:46 Read by Elizabeth Klett
06 – Part 06 (Four Songs and Nine Sonnets) 13:02 Read by Elizabeth Klett


(4.5 stars)

Great reading of a pretty great sonnet sequence! Lady Mary Wroth has a talent for soaring poetry when one is listening to it. Ms. Klett does a great job with the work.

Pamphilia to Amphilanthus

(5 stars)

Elizabeth Klett's thorough understanding of her text and of the period in which it is set imbues every line of her wonderful reading of these fascinating poems.


(5 stars)

it was lovely, a perfect homage to love. thanks Elizabeth.