The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk

Read by John Lieder

(4.8 stars; 337 reviews)

The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk is another in the long list children's books by the conservationist, Thornton W. Burgess. In this book, Jimmy Skunk has encounters with Reddy Fox, Peter Rabbit, Unc’ Billy Possum and other acquaintances of his in the Green Meadows and Green Forest. Along the way, we learn some of the habits of Jimmy and his friends and we learn little lessons about life such as the importance of always keeping one's temper, keeping promises and not playing practical jokes. We are also treated to a philosophical discussion by Jimmy Skunk on the advantages of defensive weaponry. (Summary by John Lieder.) (1 hr 41 min)


Chapters 01-04 19:18 Read by John Lieder
Chapters 05-08 18:17 Read by John Lieder
Chapters 09-12 19:01 Read by John Lieder
Chapters 13-16 16:45 Read by John Lieder
Chapters 17-20 15:11 Read by John Lieder
Chapters 21-23 12:45 Read by John Lieder


A pleasure to listen to

(5 stars)

It's often a joy for me to listen to the soft tones of John Lieder's voice, especially whenever he reads one of the works of Thornton W. Burgess. Would positively listen to this as well as others more than once.

One of the best books!

(5 stars)

I love this book, and the auther Thorton W. Burgess Bookwormy......mkilk

Classic Reader for this series...

(5 stars)

Enjoyed very much!

Sooo much fun to listen to and so hilarious!

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

I love the way John Leider reads this heartwarming tale!❤️❤️❤️


(5 stars)

I liked the voice of Sammy jay

another very good story like ready Fox person that wrote the sto

(5 stars)

i lobe this book and all of the adventures of...

(5 stars)