The Chain of Destiny

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.2 stars; 22 reviews)

Frank Stanford, strapping young man, heads out to the countryside to visit his old friends Mr. and Mrs. Trevor as the Scarp estate. What begins as a warm visit with his ersatz parental figures turns into something both ominous and wonderful with the announcement by Mrs. Trevor that they are to be visited by a young Miss Fothering who Mrs. Trevor feels Frank will fall in love with almost immediately. Frank takes it all in stride until he has a terrible nightmare that evening of dreadful things to come upon Miss Fothering's arrival. Will there be a 'happily ever after' for the pair of lovebirds or will an ancient family curse finally come to bare? (Summary by Ben Tucker) (1 hr 36 min)


Chapter I. A Warning 21:32 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter II. More Links 20:33 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter III. The Third To-morrow 30:17 Read by Ben Tucker
Chapter IV. Afterwards 24:27 Read by Ben Tucker



(3 stars)

An OK story if you like a drawn out , sugary romance. Not a bit scary. Well read, as always, by Ben.

(4.5 stars)

the reader is excellent. the story is better than average