Short Story Collection Vol. 104

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(2.9 stars; 5 reviews)

Old favorites, such as Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway and O. Henry make appearances in this 104th edition of the Librivox Short Story Collection. As always, stories were selected and read by dedicated volunteers. We invite you to sit back and enjoy! (5 hr 21 min)


The Basket, An Odd Little Tale 11:59 Read by Lee Vogler
Che ti dice la patria 19:51 Read by KevinS
Climate—Disordered 15:37 Read by Dale Grothmann
Cross Country Snow 11:23 Read by KevinS
Disappearing Dalrymple 23:05 Read by Dale Grothmann
The End of Something 8:28 Read by KevinS
Halt! Who Goes There? 10:36 Read by Ben Tucker
Hunger 26:53 Read by Michele Fry
Hunger 10:38 Read by Dale Grothmann
Muttsy 34:26 Read by Jim Locke
One Hour More 37:36 Read by John R Moore
A Price on his Head 4:15 Read by Dale Grothmann
Sea Change 44:47 Read by Ben Tucker
The Skylight Room 15:40 Read by Winnifred Assmann
The Social System 14:50 Read by TriciaG
The Child's Story 10:33 Read by Yoganandh T
The Jester 4:53 Read by Nidra
The Tomb of Napoleon 3:04 Read by Claudia Caldi
The Trysting Place 2:43 Read by Dale Grothmann
Uncle Richard's New Year Dinner 10:18 Read by Tom Merritt