Short Poetry Collection 233

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a collection of 45 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for October 2022. (1 hr 43 min)


All the World's a Stage 2:33 Read by Mark Leder
Autumn 0:38 Read by Ike Sherr
The Ballad of East and West 9:16 Read by Jonathan Jones
Darkness 4:54 Read by Winston Tharp
The Dead Soldier 2:15 Read by Newgatenovelist
Dearest, Do Not You Delay Me 0:57 Read by Laurie Campbell
December 1:10 Read by Paula Messina
A Ghost 1:48 Read by Newgatenovelist
The Highwayman 6:41 Read by Cavaet
The Highwayman's Ghost 2:33 Read by JakeW
The Hive at Gettysburg 1:59 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Ichabod 1:46 Read by Ike Sherr
I meant to do my work to-day 0:47 Read by Claudia Caldi
Indian Summer 0:58 Read by Larry Wilson
In October 2:16 Read by Larry Wilson
The Little Rose is Dust, My Dear 0:51 Read by mleigh
The Little White Hearse 1:57 Read by mleigh
The Loom Of Years 3:23 Read by William Allan Jones
A Lost Chord 1:21 Read by Dean Leggiero
The Meeting 1:00 Read by Dale Grothmann
The Moon-Sheep 0:59 Read by mleigh
November 1:12 Read by Paula Messina
October 1:04 Read by Dean Leggiero
October 1:33 Read by Larry Wilson
October 1:08 Read by Paula Messina
Old October 1:39 Read by Ike Sherr
On a Sunbeam 2:19 Read by Cavaet
The Power of a Dog 1:56 Read by Dean Leggiero
Rainy Song 1:27 Read by Laurie Campbell
The Raven 7:01 Read by Aaron Sproule
River Roads 1:22 Read by Winston Tharp
The Soldier 1:19 Read by Jonathan Jones
Songs from an Evil Wood 4:02 Read by Dale Grothmann
Thy Will be Done 2:06 Read by Bruce Kachuk
To be or not to be 2:40 Read by Mark Leder
Tommy 3:20 Read by JakeW
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow 1:25 Read by Mark Leder
To a Poet a Thousand Years Hence 1:25 Read by Laurie Campbell
The Tyger 1:19 Read by Dyefferson Azevedo
The Vampyre 4:47 Read by Newgatenovelist
The Village Blacksmith 2:47 Read by Jonathan Jones
A wanderer's song 1:36 Read by JakeW
The Welsh Marches 1:52 Read by Cavaet
A Winter Evening 2:02 Read by Winston Tharp
A Word for the Hour 2:23 Read by Bruce Kachuk