The Children's Book of Birds

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Children's Book of Birds combines under a single cover the First and Second Books of Birds, originally published in 1899 and 1901 respectively. The book is intended to interest young people in the ways and habits of birds and to stimulate them to further study and to provide some account of the life and habits, to arouse sympathy and interest in the living bird, neither as a target nor as a producer of eggs, but as a fellow-creature whose acquaintance it would be pleasant to make. - Summary from Preface (7 hr 52 min)


Preface 2:53 Read by Marie Christian
FIRST BOOK: What you want to know 2:09 Read by Marie Christian
When they come in the Spring 3:58 Read by Marie Christian
THE NESTLING: The Bird's Home 4:50 Read by Marie Christian
The Baby Bird 5:17 Read by Marie Christian
How he is fed 5:21 Read by Marie Christian
His First Suit 4:52 Read by Catherine Leach
How he changes his Clothes 4:42 Read by Catherine Leach
His First Flight 5:39 Read by Brant Burgiss
His Education 5:23 Read by Lucas
Some of his Lessons 5:15 Read by Gerald Moe
THE BIRD GROWN UP: The Bird's Language 6:40 Read by jenno
What he eats 4:41 Read by jenno
More about his Food 6:04 Read by jenno
Where he sleeps 4:51 Read by Dean Leggiero
His Travels 5:45 Read by Dean Leggiero
His Winter Home 4:45 Read by Dean Leggiero
His Family and Friends 4:23 Read by Dean Leggiero
His Kindness to others 4:51 Read by Jessica Burns
His Affections 5:58 Read by jenno
His Intelligence 7:53 Read by BookBard
HOW HE IS MADE:His Body 6:39 Read by rupiess9
His Beak and Tongue 6:56 Read by rupiess9
His Eyes and Ears 8:45 Read by rupiess9
His Feet and Legs 5:58 Read by rupiess9
His Wings and Tail 5:49 Read by rupiess9
His Dress 6:22 Read by rupiess9
Different colored Suits 7:20 Read by rupiess9
HIS RELATIONS WITH US: How he works for us 8:44 Read by jpliao
How to attract him about our homes 7:18 Read by BookBard
How to study him 14:03 Read by jpliao
SECOND BOOK: What is a Bird Family? 5:24 Read by jpliao
The Thrush Family 13:54 Read by Matt Swartz
The Kinglet and Gnatcatcher Family 5:12 Read by dc
The Nuthatch and Chickadee Family 14:27 Read by mleigh
The Creeper Family 3:18 Read by JPTVoice
The Cave-dwelling Family (First Branch) 5:23 Read by jenno
The Cave-dwelling Family (Second Branch) 11:06 Read by jenno
The Dipper Family 5:14 Read by dc
The Wagtail Family 3:05 Read by Sheridan
The Warbler Family 8:47 Read by Snow Owl
The Vireo Family 4:17 Read by dc
The Shrike Family 5:14 Read by dc
The Waxwing Family 6:20 Read by Sheridan
The Swallow Family 5:57 Read by Sheridan
The Tanager Family 6:00 Read by Marie Christian
The Sparrow and Finch Family 8:57 Read by Snow Owl
The Grosbeak Branch 6:51 Read by JPTVoice
The Crossbill Branch 3:25 Read by Helen Cole
The Blackbird Family 8:20 Read by jenno
The Meadow Starlings 4:07 Read by Larry Wilson
The Oriole Branch 8:38 Read by jenno
The Crow-Blackbird Branch 9:47 Read by Claudia Caldi
The Crow Family 18:56 Read by Carolyn Aldridge
The Lark Family 5:01 Read by prajak
The Flycatching Family 11:33 Read by prajak
The Humming Family 9:55 Read by prajak
The Swift Family 6:32 Read by prajak
The Goatsucker Family 6:18 Read by prajak
The Woodpecker Family 14:17 Read by prajak
The Kingfisher Family 5:49 Read by prajak
The Cuckoo Family 5:07 Read by prajak
The Owl Family 12:31 Read by Kerry Adams
The Barn Owl Family 6:09 Read by Kerry Adams
The Hawk and Eagle Family 10:50 Read by Kerry Adams
The Scavenger Family 3:16 Read by Alan Mapstone
Appendix 18:00 Read by jenno