Children's Book of Patriotic Stories

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Here is a book of Patriotic Stories for children, to stand beside the similar collections of Christmas Stories and Thanksgiving Stories, which have already been welcomed by many parents, librarians, and teachers. Those seeking material appropriate to Washington’s Birthday and the Fourth of July will find here a goodly store, ready to their hands.
The Editors hope that a book of stirring tales like these—not history, but stories such as children love, that yet ring true in spirit—will serve to help, though ever so little, the Cause of Liberty and will aid in keeping aglow in the hearts of our young people the ardent spark which inspired our forefathers—the Spirit of ’76. - Summary from The Preface (7 hr 26 min)


Jabez Rockwell’s Powder-horn. By Ralph D. Paine 22:31 Read by Juan Castellanos
The Little Lord of the Manor. By Elbridge S. Brooks 37:52 Read by Stephanie Gish
Old Esther Dudley. By Nathaniel Hawthorne 20:59 Read by Chris Pyle
Betty’s Ride. By Henry S. Canby 12:44 Read by BettyB
The First Blow for American Liberty. By Emma W. Demeritt 20:29 Read by Juan Castellanos
The Battle of Bunker’s Hill. By Washington Irving 20:33 Read by Bill Mosley
Her Punishment. By Elizabeth Gibson 6:27 Read by Melanie Campbell
Famous Words at Great Moments 14:22 Read by Bill Mosley
The Little Fifer. By Helen M. Winslow 11:07 Read by Juan Castellanos
Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys. By Washington Irving 7:51 Read by Keith Salis
The Capture of the Hennepin Gun. By Margaret Emma Ditto 20:55 Read by Keith Salis
Paul Revere’s Ride. By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 6:24 Read by Keith Salis
Tony’s Birthday and George Washington’s. By Agnes Repplier 9:45 Read by De Anna Lee
A Venture in 1777. By S. Weir Mitchell 29:53 Read by Keith Salis
A Venture in 1777. By S. Weir Mitchell continued 30:57 Read by Keith Salis
A Tempest in a Big Tea-pot. By Samuel Adams Drake 4:33 Read by Christina Lauralino
How the Warning Was Given. By Mabel Nelson Thurston 22:34 Read by Joy H.
Susan Tongs. By Ethel Parton 20:32 Read by BookBard
The Little Minute-man. By H. G. Paine 11:24 Read by De Anna Lee
General Gage and the Boston Boys. By Samuel Adams Drake 2:31 Read by Hope
Washington and the Spy. By James Fenimore Cooper 17:57 Read by BookBard
Three Washington Anecdotes. Adapted from M. L. Weems 9:28 Read by BookBard
When George the Third Was King By Elbridge S. Brooks 7:22 Read by deaspoke
Their Flag Day. By Herbert O. McCrillis 5:29 Read by De Anna Lee
A True Story of the Revolution. By Everett T. Tomlinson 16:12 Read by Wayne Cooke
Polly Callendar: Tory. By Margaret Fenderson 16:26 Read by BookBard
Neil Davidson in Disguise. By Mary Tracy Earle 22:50 Read by Keith Salis
John Paul Jones. By Rupert S. Holland 16:24 Read by Melanie Campbell