The Red One

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.8 stars; 14 reviews)

Famous American author Jack London brings us four more tales of adventure. "The Red One" is the story of an explorer who tangles with cannibals to discover a mysterious artifact of possible otherworldly origins, "The Hussy" and "Like Argus of Ancient Times" are both adventurous stories of quests for gold, and "The Princess" is a rousing tale of adventure on the high seas.

(Summary by Ben Tucker) (3 hr 40 min)


The Red One 1:01:17 Read by Ben Tucker
The Hussy 41:22 Read by Ben Tucker
Like Argus of the Ancient Times 57:23 Read by Ben Tucker
The Princess 1:00:10 Read by Ben Tucker


great tales

(5 stars)

I hope there are more shorts like this