Visible and Invisible

Read by Andy Sames

(4.4 stars; 8 reviews)

The second collection of short stories from the pen of E.F. Benson. Found within are stories with a touch of the authors penchant for melodrama and the macabre, sometimes venturing into the realm of Science Fiction, often delving into the nature of the spirit. Some of the stories seem quirky, almost quaint, but several others are quite powerful and have been admired by some of the greatest practitioners of the genre. - Summary by Andy Sames (8 hr 19 min)


"And the Dead Spake-" 49:26 Read by Andy Sames
The Outcast 47:01 Read by Andy Sames
The Horror-Horn 36:49 Read by Andy Sames
Machaon 41:03 Read by Andy Sames
Negotium Perambulans 42:31 Read by Andy Sames
At the Farmhouse 44:20 Read by Andy Sames
Inscrutable Decrees 39:15 Read by Andy Sames
The Gardener 36:31 Read by Andy Sames
Mr. Tilly's Séance 40:45 Read by Andy Sames
Mrs. Amworth 41:30 Read by Andy Sames
In the Tube 41:02 Read by Andy Sames
Roderick's Story 39:20 Read by Andy Sames


great reader and good stories

(5 stars)

I like how realistically people behave in these even though they're ghost stories. I think it's hard to write a satisfying ghost story but these are solid. Andy is a good reader with a pleasant tone and good pace.

a gem

(5 stars)

Brilliant collection of interesting, entertaining stories. Andy, you read this so well. Wish you would do more.


(5 stars)

This terribly dated story is a Victorian tale of ghosts and spiritualism. The problem is the author, an old white male, did not take time to include the hauntings on nonbinary transgendered BIPOC ghosts. This make the story equivalent to killing 6 billion jews