Short Nonfiction Collection Vol. 008

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(4.5 stars; 5 reviews)

A collection of fifteen short nonfiction works in the public domain. The essays, speeches, news items and reports included in this collection were independently selected by the readers, and the topics encompass history, politics, philosophy, nature and religion. (3 hr 54 min)


Cats 12:11 Read by Perry Clayton
The Celebration of Intellect 29:21 Read by Philipp Weichselbaum
A Few Parables 9:55 Read by ajmacbeth
A House Divided Against Itself 6:49 Read by Cody Logan
How to Make a Shoe 26:11 Read by Betsie Bush
A Meditation Upon a Broomstick 3:35 Read by Todd Cutler
Morals of Chess 9:46 Read by Philipp Weichselbaum
Night and Moonlight 21:03 Read by Philipp Weichselbaum
The Oath and Law of Hippocrates 8:25 Read by Clarica
On the Pleasure of Taking Up One's Pen 7:53 Read by Zloot
On the Vice of Novel Reading 37:22 Read by J. M. Smallheer
Rules for Bathing 4:59 Read by Lee Ann Howlett
Self-Denial Not the Essence of Virtue 8:47 Read by Daniel Cranston
A Short Defense of Villains 21:03 Read by Cori Samuel
Some Reflections on the Loss of the Titanic 27:21 Read by James Christopher