The Human Drift

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.8 stars; 7 reviews)

The Human Drift is a posthumous collection of famous author Jack London's miscellaneous writings, including multiple essays of one of his favorite subjects, sea travel. The centerpiece of the collection is the title essay, London's rumination on human history and existence, and is a broadly sweeping and intelligent piece of writing that showcases London's acute and observant thoughts on evolution and man's place in the universe.
The collection also includes two one-act plays written by London that have been previously dramatized and cataloged in the
One Act Play Collection 018. (Summary by Ben Tucker) (2 hr 9 min)


The Human Drift 32:48 Read by Ben Tucker
Small-Boat Sailing 25:40 Read by Ben Tucker
Four Horses and a Sailor 31:28 Read by Ben Tucker
Nothing that Ever Came to Anything 8:44 Read by Ben Tucker
That Dead Men Rise Up Never 20:10 Read by Ben Tucker
A Classic of the Sea 10:14 Read by Ben Tucker


ahhh yeah pretty good

(4 stars)

I think the narrator would have married the author.... You do such a brilliant job... Thank you!

of course!

(5 stars)

it's Jack London dontcha know!!!160623!