Silver Pitchers: and Independence, A Centennial Love Story

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(4.9 stars; 4 reviews)

Here are 9 engaging short stories from Louisa May Alcott (of Little Women fame), all period pieces, some of them somewhat autobiographical, all packed with wisdom, nostalgia, humor, romance and adventure, on subjects dripping with early American history such as temperance, European travel, rural life, young love, the American Centennial celebration, etc. (Summary by Michele Fry) (9 hr 16 min)


I. Silver Pitchers, Chapters 1 and 2 24:59 Read by Elijah Fisher
II. Silver Pitchers, Chapters 3 and 4 25:46 Read by Holly Poppell
III. Silver Pitchers, Chapters 5 and 6 26:25 Read by Holly Poppell
IV. Anna’s Whim, Part 1 25:00 Read by Cynthia Malone
V. Anna’s Whim, Part 2 24:53 Read by Cynthia Malone
VI. Anna’s Whim, Part 3 18:58 Read by Cynthia Malone
VII. Transcendental Wild Oats, Part 1 22:30 Read by Jess Gauchel
VIII. Transcendental Wild Oats, Part 2 27:41 Read by Jess Gauchel
IX. The Romance of a Summer Day, Part 1 16:19 Read by Lauren Fontaine
X. The Romance of a Summer Day, Part 2 19:21 Read by Lauren Fontaine
XI. The Romance of a Summer Day, Part 3 23:25 Read by Lauren Fontaine
XII. My Rococo Watch 22:54 Read by Michele Fry
XIII. By The River, Chapter 1 21:25 Read by SherridR16
XIV. By The River, Chapter 2 14:58 Read by SherridR16
XV. By The River, Chapter 3 18:33 Read by SherridR16
XVI. Letty's Tramp, Chapter 1 16:01 Read by Erin Harkey
XVII. Letty's Tramp, Chapter 2 29:25 Read by Erin Harkey
XVIII. Scarlet Stockings, Ch.1, How They Walked Into Lennox's Life 14:47 Read by czandra
XIX. Scarlet Stockings, Ch.2, Where They Led Him 23:20 Read by czandra
XX. Scarlet Stockings, Ch.3, What Became Of Them 14:24 Read by czandra
XXI. Independence: A Centennial Love Story, Ch.1, Miss Dolly 21:41 Read by Michele Fry
XXII. Independence: A Centennial Love Story, Ch.2, A Cinder and a Spark 31:32 Read by Michele Fry
XXIII. Independence: A Centennial Love Story, Ch.3, Confidential 28:30 Read by Michele Fry
XXIV. Independence: A Centennial Love Story, Ch.4, April Fools 13:41 Read by Michele Fry
XXV. Independence: A Centennial Love Story, Ch.5, The Declaration of Independen… 19:04 Read by Michele Fry
XXVI. Independence: A Centennial Love Story, Ch.6, Peace Is Declared 11:08 Read by Michele Fry


(4.5 stars)

Wonderful colection of love stories. I best liked the Red stockings! And Letty ' s tramp, could have been developed into a wonderful and touching story, pity it was s-o short.