Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 098

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

"The moment a man attempts to tell the truth as he not only thinks but feels it, what he says becomes charged with that man himself." This gem is from Walter de la Mare's Some Thoughts on Reading. That "truth" often varies by viewpoint is shown in many of the reader-chosen selections in vol. 098: Scotland Trading to Africa and the West Indies; A Letter on the Arrival at Darien; Loving v. Virginia; Cremation versus Earth Burial; The Covenant of the League of Nations; When the Sea-Asp Stings; Death in the Black Hole at Calcutta; City Boys vs. Country Boys; Birthplaces and Heredity; Locke's Essay on Human Understanding; Plato's Ion; The State of the British Nation (1710); Second Memory from Memories; and Twelve Medieval Ghost Stories. Other selections portray small town and country life: Blessed be the Horse; Story of Broomcorn; Provincetown and Petrified Fish; while literary insights round out the volume: The Man Merriwell; and Style in English. Summary by Sue Anderson (7 hr 27 min)


An Abstract of Mr Locke's Essay on Human Understanding 34:21 Read by Peter Tucker
The Black Hole at Calcutta, A Genuine Narrative of the Deplorable Deaths (1758) 53:55 Read by Elsie Selwyn
Blessed be the Horse 17:34 Read by Chris Pyle
Constitutions Agreed Upon by the Committee of the Company of Scotland Trading t… 5:04 Read by Alister
The Covenant of the League of Nations (1920) 31:16 Read by Availle
Cremation Versus Earth-Burial (1913) 49:54 Read by Elsie Selwyn
Ion 42:54 Read by Taylor Lampasona
Leading Americans: City Boys vs. Country Boys 7:33 Read by Leon Harvey
Leading Americans: Their Birthplaces and the Question of Heredity 14:37 Read by Leon Harvey
A Letter from the Company to his Majesty giving an Account of their Colony’s ar… 3:52 Read by Alister
Loving v. Virginia 18:11 Read by Verla Viera
The Man Merriwell 46:59 Read by Ben Tucker
Provincetown and Petrified Fish 2:21 Read by Steve Mattern
A Review of the State of the British Nation, January 28, 1710 10:36 Read by Claudia Caldi
Second Memory from Memories: A Story of German Love 11:13 Read by Claudia Caldi
Some Thoughts on Reading 11:24 Read by Patrick Randall
The Story of Broomcorn 20:25 Read by Sue Anderson
Style in English 2:12 Read by Ben Tucker
Twelve Medieval Ghost Stories 40:49 Read by Timothy Ferguson
When the Sea-Asp Stings 22:45 Read by Mary in Arkansas