A Pleasant Commodie of Faire Em, the Miller's Daughter of Manchester, with the …

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By Shakespeare? Almost certainly not, but 1) it was found in a volume labeled Shakespeare in the library of Charles II, and 2) C. F. Tucker Brooke included it in his 1818 Shakespeare Apocrypha as one of 14 possible plays that could be attributed to Shakespeare. At any rate, it is a decent comedy with William the Conqueror in disguise, and Fair Em not what she appears to be either.
- Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
William the Conqueror: HelloCentral
Zweno, King of Denmark: Alan Mapstone
Duke Dirot: David Purdy
Marquis of Lubeck: Beeswaxcandle
Mountney: Inkell
Manville: Hamlet
Rozilio: Bev J Stevens
Dimarch: redrun
Danish Embassador: Inkell
The Miller of Manchester: ToddHW
Trotter, his Man: Greg Giordano
Citizen of Chester: Agnes Robert Behr
Blanche, Princess of Denmark: Kelly S. Taylor
Mariana, Princess of Suethia: Jenn Broda
Fair Em, the Miller's Daughter: sarabrown
Eliner, the Citizen's Daughter: Henrietta Strauss
Valingford: Ehsan Ahmed Mehedi
Messenger: Agnes Robert Behr
Soldier: David Purdy
Stage Directions: Sonia
Editing: ToddHW
(1 hr 34 min)


Act 1 22:52 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 2 18:13 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 3 24:13 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 4 11:19 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Act 5 18:08 Read by LibriVox Volunteers