The Crisis: A Record of the Darker Races, Vol. 1, No. 1

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The Crisis is the official publication of the NAACP first published in 1910 with W. E. B. Du Bois, one of the founders, as editor. He exercised almost total control of the content and opinions of the publication until he resigned in 1934. Du Bois was one of the most ardent advocates for total civil rights for all racial minorities and was a prolific author for the cause.
From Du Bois’ editorial: “The object of this publication is to set forth those facts and arguments which show the danger of race prejudice, particularly as manifested to-day toward colored people. It takes its name from the fact that the editors believe that this is a critical time in the history of the advancement of men.” This is the premier issue where he popularizes his concept of the “color line,” and “social uplift.”
- Summary by Larry Wilson (1 hr 31 min)


Along the Color Line 34:58 Read by DJRickyV
Opinion 18:05 Read by Stephanie J
Editorial 10:44 Read by Sean Short
The N.A.A.C.P. 7:45 Read by Sean Short
Athens and Brownsville 5:06 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
The Burden 6:34 Read by Ciufi Galeazzi
What to Read 8:19 Read by Larry Wilson