Short Poetry Collection 243

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a collection of 37 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for August 2023. (1 hr 18 min)


An Adieu 1:11 Read by Ananda Samudhram
Apparitions 0:48 Read by minneapolis
Blessed are the Peacemakers 1:37 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Court Historian 2:14 Read by Ike Sherr
The Crusader Returns from Captivity 3:17 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Dark House 1:57 Read by Ronald Gardella
Dead Poet 1:55 Read by Newgatenovelist
The Dream-Bridge 0:54 Read by Stunning
Epode 5:00 Read by Public Domain Scholar
Evening – Whooping Island 1:42 Read by Newgatenovelist
Excuse for Wishing Her Less Fair 1:14 Read by Public Domain Scholar
Fate 0:46 Read by mleigh
The Final Choice 1:52 Read by mleigh
Flammonde 4:03 Read by Ronald Gardella
The Flower’s Way 1:03 Read by Larry Wilson
The Forbearance of the Admiral 1:13 Read by mleigh
Ghost House 1:39 Read by minneapolis
The Glow-Worm 1:32 Read by Algy Pug
Go, lovely rose 1:16 Read by Winston Tharp
Grandfather's Love 0:57 Read by Twilight
The Great Minimum 1:59 Read by Bruce Kachuk
The Hollow Men 4:44 Read by Dale Grothmann
Home-Thoughts, From the Sea 0:58 Read by minneapolis
I Hear America Singing 1:26 Read by Winston Tharp
Learning to Go Alone 0:51 Read by Twilight
Madness 1:25 Read by Ehsan Ahmed Mehedi
Ode to Apollo 1:38 Read by Algy Pug
On the Grasshopper 1:23 Read by Algy Pug
On the Hurry of This Time 1:01 Read by Ike Sherr
Private Theatricals 1:09 Read by Stunning
Roses and Rue 2:38 Read by Ehsan Ahmed Mehedi
Sinner's Rue 0:57 Read by Ronald Gardella
Song of Nature 5:00 Read by Ike Sherr
Some Summer Days 8:56 Read by Larry Wilson
Excerpt from The Prelude, Book IV, "Summer Vacation," (Lines 354-370) 1:23 Read by Winston Tharp
Through a Window-glass 2:28 Read by Newgatenovelist
Under the Similitude of a Captive Song-Bird 4:16 Read by Public Domain Scholar