Dream Tales and Prose Poems

Read by Ben Tucker

(5 stars; 2 reviews)

World-renowned Russian author Ivan Turgenev brings us a collection of stories that traffic in the world of dreams, stories of lost love, of ephemeral ghosts, of dark premonitions. This collection also contains a sampling of sketches and prose poems written in Turgenev's deceptively simple yet articulate, nuanced and beautifully rendered style. Don't think these are traditional tales of romance and nature. Turgenev laces his prose with a degree of cynicism and melancholy that belies the poetic language employed. (Summary by Ben Tucker) (6 hr 21 min)


Clara Militch Part 1 1:02:56 Read by Ben Tucker
Clara Militch Part 2 1:00:48 Read by Ben Tucker
Phantoms 1:08:05 Read by Ben Tucker
The Song of Triumphant Love [MDXLII] 47:22 Read by Ben Tucker
The Dream 41:57 Read by Ben Tucker
Poems in Prose Part 1 50:30 Read by Ben Tucker
Poems in Prose Part 2 50:03 Read by Ben Tucker