Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag, Vol. 4

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(3.8 stars; 3 reviews)

Volume 4 of Aunt Jo’s Scrap-Bag contains 12 short stories for children by American writer Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women. Although the series is named for her famous character from the Little Women series, these stories are not about the March family, but rather about other girls and young women.

This volume contains the stories “My Girls,” “Lost in a London Fog,” “The Boy’s Joke, and Who Got the Best of It,” “Roses and Forget-Me-Nots,” “Old Major,” “What the Girls Did,” “Little Neighbours,” “Marjorie’s Three Gifts,” “Patty’s Place,” “The Autobiography of an Omnibus,” “Red Tulips,” and “A Happy Birthday.” - Summary by Winnifred Assmann (4 hr 34 min)


My Girls 23:11 Read by Evelyn
Lost in a London Fog 15:55 Read by Amanda Leung
The Boys’ Joke, and Who Got the Best of It 28:26 Read by Amanda Leung
Roses and Forget-Me-Nots 26:54 Read by Amanda Leung
Old Major 17:15 Read by Summer Christie
What the Girls Did 17:25 Read by lboland2019
Little Neighbours 37:33 Read by Martha Heaton
Marjorie’s Three Gifts 22:45 Read by Martha Heaton
Patty’s Place 31:17 Read by Jennifer Wilson
The Autobiography of an Omnibus 24:57 Read by Winnifred Assmann
Red Tulips 15:42 Read by AnneGowan
A Happy Birthday 13:37 Read by Jennifer Wilson