Shall We Join The Ladies?

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(3.2 stars; 8 reviews)

For the past week, the hospitable Sam Smith has been entertaining a country house party, and we choose to raise the curtain on them towards the end of dinner.
‘Shall We Join the Ladies?’ a truly unique mystery play in one act, set around a mysterious dinner party
- Summary by Charlotte Duckett
This recording was originally published on and was later released on Librivox when US copyright permitted.
Narrator: Anna Simon
Lady Jane: Carol Box
Sir Joseph: Andy Minter
Lady Wrathie: ashleighjane
Captain Jennings: Algy Pug
Miss Isit: Lucy Perry
Host: Phil Benson
Mrs. Preen: Julia Niedermaier
Mr. Preen: Viktor Horvath
Mrs. Bland: Ruth Golding
Maid: Rapunzelina
Mr. Gourlay: Piotr Nater
Miss Vaile: Diána Majlinger
Mr. Vaile: Alan Weyman
Mrs. Castro: Charlotte Duckett (0 hr 35 min)


Shall We Join The Ladies? 35:25 Read by LibriVox Volunteers


Act 1. only

(3 stars)

Good readers and interesting story with good characters but download only includes Act 1 of a 2 act mystery play!!