Retief: Intergalactic Diplomat in Space, (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. V)

Read by Edmund Bloxam

(4.7 stars; 9 reviews)

'Retief of the Red-Tape Mountain'
Retief knew the importance of sealed
orders—and the need to keep them that way!

'The Desert and the Stars'
The Aga Kaga wanted peace—a piece of everything in sight!
A difficult situation for Retief, a powerful people claiming land that isn't theirs.

'Cultural Exchange'
The finest wine in the galaxy on a distant corner of the galaxy. But why are there so many students on exchange at their little community college?

'The Governor of Glave'
A worker's rebellion! But a brain drain has consequences...

'The Madman From Earth'
When the proper etiquette of diplomacy hides a vile secret, Retief must face allegation, treachery and his most hazardous situation yet...

'The Frozen Planet'
An empire encroaching on its weaker intergalactic neighbors. But on the journey to investigate, Retief finds himself with the kind of company he could do without.

'Aide Memoire
They're turtles, they're teenagers...but something fishy is going on...

'Saline Solution'
Blast you, Retief! Your violent ways are the disgrace of Earth's diplomatic corps—but your salty jokes are worse!

'Mightiest Qorn'
Sly, brave and truculent, the Qorn held all humans in contempt—except one! - Summary by The Reader (6 hr 9 min)


Retief of the Red-Tape Mountain 30:11 Read by Edmund Bloxam
The Desert and the Stars 38:55 Read by Edmund Bloxam
Cultural Exchange 34:03 Read by Edmund Bloxam
The Governor of Glave 52:43 Read by Edmund Bloxam
The Madman From Earth 49:45 Read by Edmund Bloxam
The Frozen Planet 52:43 Read by Edmund Bloxam
Aide Memoire 37:49 Read by Edmund Bloxam
Saline Solution 35:42 Read by Edmund Bloxam
Mightiest Qorn 37:49 Read by Edmund Bloxam


A Masterful Reading!

(5 stars)

I've listened to 100's of titles, and this narrator is by far, one of the best! Not to mention the stories are wonderful! Reminds me of James Bond meets Jack Ryan.