The Son of the Wolf

Read by Ben Tucker

(4.7 stars; 5 reviews)

The Son of the Wolf is Jack London's first published collection of stories and features tales chronicling the harsh realities of living in the frozen North during the Yukon Gold Rush. Included are stories of resilience in the face of adversity, struggles for survival against the elements and against fellow man. Witness the genesis of a master storyteller honing his craft and showcasing why London is considered one of the finest writers of short stories in American literature. - Summary by Ben Tucker (4 hr 31 min)


The White Silence 22:31 Read by Ben Tucker
The Son of the Wolf 34:47 Read by Ben Tucker
The Men of Forty Mile 17:46 Read by Ben Tucker
In A Far Country 36:23 Read by Ben Tucker
To the Man on the Trail 17:21 Read by Ben Tucker
The Priestly Prerogative 26:07 Read by Ben Tucker
The Wisdom of the Trail 16:28 Read by Ben Tucker
The Wife of a King 31:46 Read by Ben Tucker
An Odyssey of the North 1:08:32 Read by Ben Tucker


(5 stars)

This book is well-written just like the other books by this author. These stories all tend to show the dark side of living and traveling in the Northland 100 years ago tho so that kinda got me by surprise. I don't usually listen to sad books so it made me feel just a little depressed while I listened.

typical enthralling jack london

(4.5 stars)

Mr Tucker you're a brilliant narrator of brilliant stories. Thank you