The Adventures of Reddy Fox

Read by John Lieder

(4.8 stars; 596 reviews)

The Adventures of Reddy Fox is another in the series of children’s stories by conservationist Thornton W. Burgess. In this story, Reddy and Granny Fox must outsmart Farmer Brown’s Boy who is out to get Reddy for stealing his pet chicken. Along the way, Reddy encounters many of the citizens of the Green Meadows and the Green Forest and with him we learn little lessons about life such as: the perils of being a show off; the importance of using all of one’s senses; that it is a fine thing to show sympathy and kindness to others – even our enemies; and that the value of a grandmother’s wisdom is inestimable.

We also learn that after you’ve stolen a boy’s pet chicken and he is coming your way with a gun, a shovel and a hound dog, it may be time to beat a hasty retreat.
(Summary by John Lieder)

AaronW is a guest reader in Section 6. (1 hr 38 min)


Chapters 01-05 18:58 Read by John Lieder
Chapters 06-09 15:30 Read by John Lieder
Chapters 10-13 14:02 Read by John Lieder
Chapters 14-18 17:49 Read by John Lieder
Chapters 19-22 15:53 Read by John Lieder
Chapters 23-26 16:09 Read by John Lieder


Fun Book

(5 stars)

Very fun reading! Mr. Lieder does different voices for all the animals which is entertaining to listen to. Well read! The book is funny too, it reminds me of stories my Mom used to tell me. :-)

Best book ever !

(5 stars)

Very descriptive and adventurous . I also like how this reader does different voices for every animal.

I love how much he does so many voices!!

(5 stars)

Classic Reader for this series...

(5 stars)

Enjoyed very much!

Very good.

(5 stars)

I love all his books.

great book, great reader

(5 stars)

My kids loved this book and the reader did an excellent job

(5 stars)

Please listen to this wonderful children’s book it is so nice and relaxing I highly recommend this book for young children and even older teens!

Awesome narrator!

(5 stars)

Narrator provides a professional quality recording that my four kids (ages 4-11) adored!