O Captain! My Captain!

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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In honor of President’s Day, LibriVox brings you thirteen versions of O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman. This classic poem was written by Whitman following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. It appears in Leaves of Grass, Whitman’s masterpiece of a poetry collection and is considered by many to be one of his greatest poems. This was the LibriVox Weekly Poetry Project for the week of February 19th, 2006.
(Summary by Annie Coleman) (0 hr 24 min)


Version 01 2:06 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
Version 02 1:57 Read by Chip
Version 03 1:49 Read by Fox in the Stars
Version 04 1:53 Read by Ted McElroy
Version 05 1:27 Read by Martin Clifton
Version 06 1:46 Read by Marian Brown
Version 07 2:23 Read by Marlo Dianne
Version 08 1:40 Read by Mark Griggs
Version 09 2:11 Read by Robert Garrison
Version 10 1:48 Read by Mark Bradford
Version 11 1:51 Read by Stefan Schmelz
Version 12 1:47 Read by LibriVox Volunteers
Version 13 1:29 Read by Tracy Hall


Attn: version 12 read by Scott Stephen

(4.5 stars)

Version 12 is read out by Scott Stephen & not by by Librivox volunteers. If this title of 'L.V.'has been chosen deliberately, I do apologise for 8that. But since I'm a volunteer as well, most people within the forum on Librivox prefer to have their name, (whether it's by their username or their original) to stamp their mark the world. I know for a fact that when the shoes on the other foot, I'm more than pleased to have my name advertised in an appropriate manner. 🎓🚢💎

(4 stars)

Version 11 is best presentation, although accent is a bit difficult, still best version.