James Joyce in Context, Vol. 1: Telemachus

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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This is a project invented and created by LibriVox volunteers. It collects various works which James Joyce quotes and refers to in his epic novel Ulysses, and provides them in audio form. Perfect for Joyce scholars, fans, and aficionados! (Summary by Kirsten Ferreri)

Collection concludes with Joyce's Ulysses chapter 1: Telemachus.

Coodinated by Kirsten Ferreri, Mary Anderson, and Leni. (9 hr 14 min)


Odyssey, The, Bk 1 (Pope translation) 36:13 Read by Peter O'Sullivan
Odyssey, The, Bk 2 (Pope translation) 32:21 Read by Peter O'Sullivan
Council of Trent, The, 22nd Session: On the Sacrifice of the Mass 34:26 Read by Kalynda
Psalm 42 1:18 Read by Varra Unreal
Acts of the Apostles, The: 6-7 10:20 Read by Daniel W.
Age of Fable, The: Daedalus 6:35 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
Roman Breviary, The: Liturgy for the Feast of John Chrysostomos 18:08 Read by Martin Geeson
Roman Breviary, The: Liturgy for the Feast of Pope Gregory VII 22:06 Read by Martin Geeson
Popular History of Ireland, A, Bk 2 Ch. 2: King Malachy I 8:26 Read by David Lawrence
Catholic Encyclopedia, The: St. Malachy 4:35 Read by David Lawrence
Prophecy of Malachias, The 11:44 Read by David Lawrence
Triumph of Time, The 24:26 Read by Martin Geeson
Xenophon: Anabasis – Book IV, Chapter 7 10:44 Read by Martin Geeson
Religion and Love 17:55 Read by Martin Geeson
Antichrist, The, Chapter 1 3:05 Read by Martin Geeson
Hamlet Act I Scene ii 17:07 Read by Philippa
To a Louse 3:09 Read by Julie VW
Lord’s Prayer, The 1:41 Read by Leni
Picture of Dorian Gray, The: Preface 3:45 Read by ink tree
Culture and Anarchy, Chapter 4 - Hellenism and Hebraism 32:27 Read by Philippa
Twin Soul, The 1:50 Read by Julie VW
School for Scandal, The, Act I Scene ii 6:35 Read by ontheroad
Who Goes With Fergus? 1:06 Read by Daniel W.
Numbers 5:11-31 3:37 Read by Daniel W.
Genesis 9:18-29 2:18 Read by Mary Anderson
Tis the Last Rose of Summer 3:26 Read by Ruth Golding
Ned Grogan (Irish folk song) 3:08 Read by Ruth Golding
Oblation, The 1:28 Read by Kristin Hughes (1974-2021)
Death of Nelson, The 2:14 Read by Julie VW
Catholic Encyclopedia, The: Via Dolorosa - The Way of the Cross 21:09 Read by Daniel W.
Song of Myself - Section 51 1:36 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
Matthew 26-27 18:30 Read by TriciaG
Nicene Creed, The (English) 2:00 Read by Anne Cheng
Nicene Creed, The (Latin) 2:21 Read by Anne Cheng
Paradiso Canto 17 (English) 8:42 Read by Martin Geeson
Purgatory Canto 27 (English) 8:27 Read by Martin Geeson
Apostles’ Creed, The (Latin) 1:22 Read by Philippa
Apostles’ Creed, The (English) 1:12 Read by Daniel W.
Acts of the Apostles, The: 6-7 12:41 Read by Leni
Decay of Lying, The: Pt. 1 35:03 Read by Martin Geeson
Decay of Lying, The: Pt. 2 36:49 Read by Martin Geeson
Decay of Lying, The: Pt. 3 31:25 Read by Martin Geeson
Telemachus 47:15 Read by ontheroad


Excellent effort

(5 stars)

Thank you Librivox volenteers. This is a great companion to Joyce's Ullyses