Great Pirate Stories

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Piracy embodies the romance of the sea at its highest expression. It is
a sad but inevitable commentary on our civilization, that, so far as the
sea is concerned, it has developed from its infancy down to a century or
so ago, under one phase or another of piracy. If men were savages on
land they were doubly so at sea, and all the years of maritime
adventure--years that added to the map of the world till there was
little left to discover--could not wholly eradicate the piratical germ.
It went out gradually with the settlement and ordering of the far-flung
British colonies. Great Britain, foremost of sea powers, must be
credited with doing more both directly and indirectly for the abolition
of crime and disorder on the high seas than any other force. But the
conquest was not complete till the advent of steam which chased the
sea-rover into the farthest corners of his domain. It is said that he
survives even today in certain spots in the Chinese waters,--but he is
certainly an innocuous relic. A pirate of any sort would be as great a
curiosity today if he could be caught and exhibited as a fabulous
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00 - Forward 3:33 Read by James Christopher
01 - The Piccaroon 36:54 Read by Tysto
02 - The Capture of Panama 46:00 Read by ontheroad
03 - The Malay Proas 14:26 Read by Ian Hatley
04 - The Wonderful Fight of the Exchange of Bristol with the Pirates of Algiers 52:54 Read by Patrick McHaffie
05 - The Daughter of the Great Mogul 12:23 Read by wendy
06 - Barbarossa - King of the Corsairs 26:33 Read by Marian Martin
07 - Morgan at Puerto Bello 15:58 Read by Varra Unreal
08 - The Ways of the Buccaneers 9:38 Read by Esther
09 - A True Account of Three Notorious Pirates, Part 1 39:28 Read by Tysto
10 - A True Account of Three Notorious Pirates, Part 2 29:42 Read by Tysto
11 - A True Account of Three Notorious Pirates, Part 3 38:04 Read by Timothy Ferguson
12 - Narrative of the Capture of the Ship Derby 24:02 Read by Patrick McHaffie
13 - Francis Lolonois the Slave Who Became a Pirate King 40:50 Read by Patrick McHaffie
14 - The Fight between the Dorrill and the Moca 16:02 Read by Ernest
15 - Jaddi the Malay Pirate 10:42 Read by Varra Unreal
16 - The Terrible Ladrones 40:52 Read by Marian Martin
17 - The Female Captive 30:55 Read by Ransom
18 - The Passing of Mogul Mackenzie 25:57 Read by Patrick McHaffie
19 - The Last of the Sea-Rovers 11:55 Read by James Christopher


Another gem from librivox volunteers

(5 stars)

Good job! You will enjoy these true pirate tales.

(4 stars)

Two readers accents are too strong to understand.

(2.5 stars)

some stories did not keep me engaged. more often than not it became background noise.