Over the Top

Read by Mark F. Smith

(4.7 stars; 336 reviews)

Arthur Guy Empey was an American who responded to the sinking of the Lusitania by enlisting with the British Army to fight in France. His experiences in the trenches, including his ultimate wounding and convalescence, became this book. When published in 1917, it was a major hit and helped the recruiting effort when America entered the Great War.

If you've heard of the horror of trench warfare in WWI and want to see it from below dirt level, Empey offers it all here.

Also included is Empey's popular "Tommy's Dictionary of the Trenches" which humorously demystifies the slang used by the British soldier. (Summary by Mark F. Smith) (7 hr 4 min)


Review of: Over the Top

(5 stars)

Truly incredible, fantastic story. Made all the better by the fact that it is true. The actual real experience of an American soldier in the British trenches of WWI with all of the vernacular and wit of the period. All of this and the spectacularly accurate and always extraordinarily pleasant voice of Mr Wilson from South Carolina. A real joy to hear and a book, when finished, you will exclaim a "Wow!" or other term of amazement and appreciation. For the reader, the author and all the others described in this journal of a war experience more raw than any of us will know. Bravo!

Free Audio Review

(5 stars)

The story tells of an Americans experiences in the trenches fighting for freedom amongst the British soldiers that he refers to constantly as "Tommy". It's touching to here about the bonds that form between these men in such situations and how amongst the horror and deprivation the human spirit and camaraderie shines through. The duties of the story teller vary considerably, ranging from simple infantry man to machine gunner and even to spy-catcher. Never boring and always with some new aspect of the conflict to be revealed the narrative is detailed and bold. It's told with a real sense of wry humour that coming from such a terrifying source is heartening to hear. The reader is an established Librivox veteran who brings a good strong voice to this very personal tale and makes the presentation a joy to listen to. You can find more of my reviews of free audio over at http://freeaudioreview.blogspot.com/


(5 stars)

The author is a true hero. Read extremely well. The best I,ve heard so far. You will love it. 5 stars,

Thrilling Story

(5 stars)

An amazing story of an almost forgotten war. All the horror and the bravery of millions of men and women is revealed. I marvel at the narration by Mark Smith. Excellent!

great book. very funny and informative. awesome reader.

(5 stars)


(5 stars)

One of the best military audio books I have heard. Narrator speaks clearly and can be excused the very few times he comes across an unpronouncable French name. The story is incredable. The author uses Tommy Atkins English, which is the what the WW1 British soldier spoke. There is glossary of words at the begining. The descriptions are amazing, I particulary like the descriptions of the games the soldiers would play. This is the only audio book I completeted in a day, as someone else said, it should be made into a movie.

definitely worth listening and listen to it again.

(5 stars)

So far this is my favorite World War 1 book regarding to somebody's personal experiences and memories of World War 1. It's pretty incredible how somebody can have a perfect memory of everything this person went through and be able to share his story. Like I said on my title for this review this book is definitely worth listening to again.

WW1 insight from Yankee soldier

(5 stars)

My first audio book, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. The tale the author has to tell reminds us all what had to be endured in that horrific war so that we can live our lives as we do now. The American narrators attempts at an English accent is something to behold.