The Sayings of Confucius

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.2 stars; 215 reviews)

Promoting virtues such as filial devotion, compassion, loyalty, and propriety, these dialogues between the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius and his disciples comprise the crux of Confucianism. (Summary by Andrea L).

A Chinese version is available: 論語 Lún Yǔ (Analects) (3 hr 11 min)


1 3:43 Read by David Barnes
2 5:26 Read by Andrea L
3 7:06 Read by Carl Manchester
4 9:58 Read by David Barnes
5 5:25 Read by Kathy
6 7:58 Read by Kathy
7 9:39 Read by Carl Manchester
8 12:19 Read by Paul Sze
9 8:34 Read by Paul Sze
10 11:04 Read by Paul Sze
11 8:07 Read by ML Cohen
12 10:27 Read by ML Cohen
13 10:12 Read by ML Cohen
14 8:33 Read by roolynninms
15 15:27 Read by David Barnes
16 11:11 Read by David Barnes
17 11:23 Read by Paul Sze
18 12:39 Read by Paul Sze
19 8:43 Read by Paul Sze
20 9:16 Read by David Barnes
21 4:45 Read by David Barnes


(5 stars)

it I s a great wonder that anyone would take part in any project on hear with all the criticism they get. These people are not auditioning for a part. This is a public service they do, I for one am very thankful to all who read for our enjoyment as should we all.

Oh dear

(5 stars)

I can stream and download this one fine, georgo, I think your computer or net connection is the problem -- not this project. I'm looking forward to listening to the whole thing ... what I've sampled so far sounds interesting.

Look Past the Accents

(5 stars)

These people take time to do this for us. I find it intriguing of the english accent speaking of Chinese teachings. Bridging Cultural Gaps at ots best. I love LibriVox

(3 stars)

read by multiple people. audio level om reader to reader was consistent and read well. I listened chapter by chapter cause hearing "the master said" over and over was grating on my brain.

(3 stars)

the breathing of the man who read the second book eroded my brain each time he breathed...maybe too close to the microphone

*ahem* Lemme Just Say This

(5 stars)

3rd time typing this. & I'm not taking the time to choose my words carefully so as to be specific and attempt to not offend anyone. so here it goes >>> it looks to me like somebody was negative about the reader in some way. you allowed to think what you want and feel what you feel, plus pet peeves are real (if any reader here says "um" nonstop ima lose it ha!) but my advice, and I used to be so critical until I realized that I was my biggest problem; I got this app to read, so I could just learn, seek something, broaden my perspective. I'm not here to judge, critique, edit - none of that. in doing that, we eff ourselves over and steal an opportunity to gain MORE - knowledge about something new, about ourselves, others, etc. to "nitpick" and fixate on something miniscule and irrelevant here, is stepping on a dang rake. did it to ourselves. so maybe you should try this again, with a new perspective and tough it out? happy or not, you reap the benefit of knowledge/insight. do not close yourself off!!! Thanks :-)

the sayings of confuscius

(2 stars)

the content is wonderful but the readings are very hard for me to understand due to many of the readers heavy accents....they speak beautifully, but unfortunately I can't understand them.


(3 stars)

It was interesting and I enjoyed it though audio may not be the easiest way to consume this one.