The Return of the Soldier

Read by Elizabeth Klett

(4.4 stars; 147 reviews)

In 1916 on an isolated country estate just outside London, Captain Chris Baldry, a shell-shocked captain suffering from amnesia, makes a bittersweet homecoming to the three women who have helped shape his life. Will the devoted wife he can no longer recollect, the favorite cousin he remembers only as a childhood friend, and the poor innkeeper's daughter he once courted leave Chris to languish in a safe, dreamy past--or will they help him recover his memory so that he can return to the front? The answer is revealed through a heart-wrenching, unexpected sacrifice. (Summary from Wikipedia). (2 hr 47 min)


Chapter 01 27:57 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 02 29:50 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 03 14:58 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 04 34:01 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 05 25:04 Read by Elizabeth Klett
Chapter 06 35:50 Read by Elizabeth Klett


Challenging subject that is well worth the time

(4 stars)

This is a short book - six chapters and well less than 3 hours in length - but it packs a punch. I was struck by the descriptions - Rebecca West uses words beautifully to paint pictures - of the pond, of the furniture, of the characters (both in appearance and personality). The book is narrated by Jenny, Chris' cousin, and Elizabeth Klett does an excellent job of breathing (reading) life into her.

Free Listens review

(4 stars)

Elizabeth Klett is a marvelous reader, one of the LibriVox'ers who could be a professional reader. Her voice during the Librivox disclaimer and chapter headings is a standard American accent, but when she narrates the book, told from the perspective of Chris's cousin Jenny, her voice transforms into a beautiful upper-class English accent. She brings this narration alive with the skill of an actor, making Jenny a distinct and deep character. I couldn't imagine any other recording of this book, at any price. For full review and reviews of other free audiobooks, visit

Sad and Haunting story

(5 stars)

This is a short story but it hits you hard. I just did not know what to think of the end. There is both joy and sorrow in it mixed together. The narration is top notch and perhaps makes the story even more moving because it is so well done. One thing that I was not sure of and maybe someone else who has read this can enlighten me, but did you get the idea that Jenny was in love with Chris too?

Truely noble

(5 stars)

The story brings two main conflicts. Both dealing with honesty and truth vs easy and convenient. Lost to the current generation this writer chose pain linked with truth. Excellent narration. Thank you for sharing your time and talent.

Mixed feelings

(5 stars)

What a wonderful/dreadful story! I'm haunted by the depth of meaning that the title carries. I'm left with the question, can happiness and truth not coincide? As always, Ms. Klett is a true gem. Thank you!

(5 stars)

Amazing book. All characters and themes continually being torn in opposite directions, closely intertwined and continually fluctuating. A brilliant dance of inner conflicts. Beautifully written, very descriptive, a fascinating story of the time and especially beautifully read.

(4.5 stars)

Good Narrative and interpretation but not sure about the story tho. Didn't enjoy the "vilanisation" of the wife, being a wife myself. I too would have done all I could to get my husband back.

(3 stars)

Elizabeth Klett is a joy to hear, as always. The story itself I found disappointing; I fear I'm developing an addiction to everyone getting their deserved comeuppance and was vaguely dissatisfied.