Last Enemy

Read by Mark Nelson

(4.4 stars; 542 reviews)

An undercover Paratimer has disappeared on assignment while in an alternate time line, and it’s up to Verkan Vall of the Paratime Police to save her. To do so, he must infiltrate a universe in which assassination is an honorable profession, and reincarnation a scientific fact. Will Verkan Vall survive in a world of killers and the undead? (Summary by Mark Nelson) (2 hr 39 min)


Chapter 1 34:50 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 2 34:37 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 3 30:27 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 4 34:20 Read by Mark Nelson
Chapter 5 24:56 Read by Mark Nelson


Mark Nelson Rules!

(4.5 stars)

The paratime books are not my favorites, but I do enjoy them. Mark Nelson seems to make any book enjoyable. He even makes books I've previously read in text form seem like different stories as he represents characters differently than I played them in my head.


(4.5 stars)

And another Gem narrated by Mark. What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Peter T.

Review of Last Enemy

(4 stars)

I enjoyed the book for the creativity even it is somewhat violent.

(3.5 stars)

Although very well read, the story is rather hard to keep straight.

(5 stars)

One of my favorites by Mr. Piper

Great reading, good story

(4 stars)

H Beam Piper's politics get another airing of course, and some of the stereotypes are a little dated, but put that on one side and just enjoy a good old adventure story in the slightly confusing paratime universe. this story isn't overly long and is an enjoyable tale and has an interesting precept.

Mark is great!

(5 stars)

Mark is absolutely my favorite reader, to the point that I now search out books he reads over searching by author. And again he did an amazing job here. For the book, if you're a sci-fi junkie like I am (specifically time & dimension topics) then this should be on your to-listen list.

action and adventure.

(5 stars)

this is not only an action packed SciFi adventure but also a commentary at socio-political ideals of the mid 20th century. I really enjoy these paratime adventures and this one was a little easier to follow than some