Our Mutual Friend

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(4.3 stars; 31 reviews)

Dickens' last complete novel was published serially 1864-5. It begins with an intriguing fortune offered to John Harmon by his late father, a rich dust contractor, in his will.

To receive the money, John must marry a certain Bella Wilfer who he does not know from Eve. He is returning from the exile enforced by his father and confides in a ship's mate who attempts to murder him. The mate gets killed instead, leaving one inconvenient corpse. Because John is considered dead (the body is found with his papers), the money passes to Mr Boffin, old Harmon's foreman. Harmon adopts Bella and John comes into his employ disguised as John Rokesmith. Bella does not fall for John but through kindly Boffin's contrivances learns to hate money and fall for her suitor under his false name. Eventually she learns of his true identity as the Boffins had previously, and the villainous one-legged Silas Wegg's plot to blackmail Mr Boffin is brought to light.

There is also a story running behind the main plot about a certain Eugene Wrayburn and his love for Lizzie Hexam, and his rival's attempt to murder him. The two plots are only really connected through the waterside murders but it allows Dickens to indulge in an extremely socially diverse cast of characters. (Summary written by Alan Chant). (33 hr 26 min)


bk1_01 - Book the First - Chapter 01 ON THE LOOK OUT 10:29 Read by Ophelia Darcy
bk1_02 - Book the First - Chapter 02 THE MAN FROM SOMEWHERE 28:04 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
bk1_03 - Book the First - Chapter 03 ANOTHER MAN 30:06 Read by junk science
bk1_04 - Book the First - Chapter 04 THE R. WILFER FAMILY 27:13 Read by Ophelia Darcy
bk1_05 - Book the First - Chapter 05 BOFFIN'S BOWER 45:22 Read by audiotoshokan
bk1_06 - Book the First - Chapter 06 CUT ADRIFT 39:13 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
bk1_07 - Book the First - Chapter 07 MR WEGG LOOKS AFTER HIMSELF 28:14 Read by David Barnes
bk1_08 - Book the First - Chapter 08 MR BOFFIN IN CONSULTATION 39:11 Read by Alan Chant
bk1_09 - Book the First - Chapter 09 MR AND MRS BOFFIN IN CONSULTATION 43:42 Read by Alan Chant
bk1_10 - Book the First - Chapter 10 A MARRIAGE CONTRACT 32:55 Read by galaxiant
bk1_11 - Book the First - Chapter 11 PODSNAPPERY 40:21 Read by Ophelia Darcy
bk1_12 - Book the First - Chapter 12 THE SWEAT OF AN HONEST MAN'S BROW 39:35 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
bk1_13 - Book the First - Chapter 13 TRACKING THE BIRD OF PREY 22:09 Read by junk science
bk1_14 - Book the First - Chapter 14 THE BIRD OF PREY BROUGHT DOWN 18:56 Read by mikenkat
bk1_15 - Book the First - Chapter 15 TWO NEW SERVANTS 34:44 Read by mikenkat
bk1_16 - Book the First - Chapter 16 MINDERS AND RE-MINDERS 39:34 Read by JemmaBlythe
bk1_17 - Book the First - Chapter 17 A DISMAL SWAMP 12:53 Read by Andy Minter (1934-2017)
bk2_01 - Book the Second - Chapter 01 OF AN EDUCATIONAL CHARACTER 42:04 Read by Ophelia Darcy
bk2_02 - Book the Second - Chapter 02 STILL EDUCATIONAL 25:27 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
bk2_03 - Book the Second - Chapter 03 A PIECE OF WORK 22:06 Read by roolynninms
bk2_04 - Book the Second - Chapter 04 CUPID PROMPTED 24:40 Read by roolynninms
bk2_05 - Book the Second - Chapter 05 MERCURY PROMPTING 38:30 Read by Kirk Thomas
bk2_06 - Book the Second - Chapter 06 A RIDDLE WITHOUT AN ANSWER 40:38 Read by Alan Chant
bk2_07 - Book the Second - Chapter 07 IN WHICH A FRIENDLY MOVE IS ORIGINATED 23:32 Read by Rick Box
bk2_08 - Book the Second - Chapter 08 IN WHICH AN INNOCENT ELOPEMENT OCCURS 40:27 Read by JemmaBlythe
bk2_09 - Book the Second - Chapter 09 IN WHICH THE ORPHAN MAKES HIS WILL 21:11 Read by Kirk Thomas
bk2_10 - Book the Second - Chapter 10 A SUCCESSOR 18:01 Read by Brooks Jensen
bk2_11 - Book the Second - Chapter 11 SOME AFFAIRS OF THE HEART 28:39 Read by Ophelia Darcy
bk2_12 - Book the Second - Chapter 12 MORE BIRDS OF PREY 32:29 Read by Rick Box
bk2_13 - Book the Second - Chapter 13 A SOLO AND A DUETT 41:54 Read by Alan Chant
bk2_14 - Book the Second - Chapter 14 STRONG OF PURPOSE 34:30 Read by Brooks Jensen
bk2_15 - Book the Second - Chapter 15 THE WHOLE CASE SO FAR 36:56 Read by Ophelia Darcy
bk2_16 - Book the Second - Chapter 16 AN ANNIVERSARY OCCASION 27:22 Read by Ophelia Darcy
bk3_01 - Book the Third - Chapter 01 LODGERS IN QUEER STREET 33:09 Read by Brooks Jensen
bk3_02 - Book the Third - Chapter 02 A RESPECTED FRIEND IN A NEW ASPECT 22:55 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
bk3_03 - Book the Third - Chapter 03 THE SAME RESPECTED FRIEND IN MORE ASPECTS … 17:54 Read by Alan Chant
bk3_04 - Book the Third - Chapter 04 A HAPPY RETURN OF THE DAY 30:03 Read by JemmaBlythe
bk3_05 - Book the Third - Chapter 05 THE GOLDEN DUSTMAN FALLS INTO BAD COMPANY 30:39 Read by E. Moulton
bk3_06 - Book the Third - Chapter 06 THE GOLDEN DUSTMAN FALLS INTO WORSE COMPANY 33:17 Read by Missie
bk3_07 - Book the Third - Chapter 07 THE FRIENDLY MOVE TAKES UP A STRONG POSITI… 29:26 Read by JemmaBlythe
bk3_08 - Book the Third - Chapter 08 THE END OF A LONG JOURNEY 23:13 Read by E. Moulton
bk3_09 - Book the Third - Chapter 09 SOMEBODY BECOMES THE SUBJECT OF A PREDICTI… 49:19 Read by Alan Chant
bk3_10 - Book the Third - Chapter 10 SCOUTS OUT 32:03 Read by JemmaBlythe
bk3_11 - Book the Third - Chapter 11 IN THE DARK 25:22 Read by JemmaBlythe
bk3_12 - Book the Third - Chapter 12 MEANING MISCHIEF 27:10 Read by Alan Chant
bk3_13 - Book the Third - Chapter 13 GIVE A DOG A BAD NAME, AND HANG HIM 28:52 Read by Alan Chant
bk3_14 - Book the Third - Chapter 14 MR WEGG PREPARES A GRINDSTONE FOR MR BOFFI… 39:56 Read by Alan Chant
bk3_15 - Book the Third - Chapter 15 THE GOLDEN DUSTMAN AT HIS WORST 44:33 Read by Alan Chant
bk3_16 - Book the Third - Chapter 16 THE FEAST OF THE THREE HOBGOBLINS 47:04 Read by Alan Chant
bk3_17 - Book the Third - Chapter 17 A SOCIAL CHORUS 27:39 Read by JemmaBlythe
bk4_01 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 01 SETTING TRAPS 35:09 Read by Alan Chant
bk4_02 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 02 THE GOLDEN DUSTMAN RISES A LITTLE 22:13 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
bk4_03 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 03 THE GOLDEN DUSTMAN SINKS AGAIN 30:26 Read by Alan Chant
bk4_04 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 04 A RUNAWAY MATCH 31:09 Read by Alan Chant
bk4_05 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 05 CONCERNING THE MENDICANT'S BRIDE 0:53 Read by Alan Chant
bk4_06 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 06 A CRY FOR HELP 32:06 Read by Ophelia Darcy
bk4_07 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 07 BETTER TO BE ABEL THAN CAIN 34:13 Read by Alan Chant
bk4_08 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 08 A FEW GRAINS OF PEPPER 30:22 Read by David Barnes
bk4_09 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 09 TWO PLACES VACATED 0:26 Read by Ophelia Darcy
bk4_10 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 10 THE DOLLS' DRESSMAKER DISCOVERS A WORD 16:24 Read by Ophelia Darcy
bk4_11 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 11 EFFECT IS GIVEN TO THE DOLLS' DRESSMAKER'… 35:36 Read by Alan Chant
bk4_12 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 12 THE PASSING SHADOW 29:31 Read by Lady Maria
bk4_13 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 13 SHOWING HOW THE GOLDEN DUSTMAN HELPED TO … 31:50 Read by Alan Chant
bk4_14 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 14 CHECKMATE TO THE FRIENDLY MOVE 38:24 Read by Alan Chant
bk4_15 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 15 WHAT WAS CAUGHT IN THE TRAPS THAT WERE SET 35:18 Read by Alan Chant
bk4_16 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 16 PERSONS AND THINGS IN GENERAL 27:04 Read by Ophelia Darcy
bk4_17 - Book the Fourth - Chapter 17 THE VOICE OF SOCIETY 17:41 Read by Czechchris
bk5 - POSTSCRIPT, IN LIEU OF PREFACE 5:06 Read by Ophelia Darcy


awesome and gripping story lines

(4.5 stars)

Loved this book, could not put it down. Very long but I never once thought the characters boring and I wanted more at the end!!!

(3 stars)

book 2. chapters 2 & 3, slow down reader where's the fire. let a body enjoy the book.

Great way to "read" Dickens

(4 stars)

I have always thought it would be good to read Dickens. A friend recommended that I start with "Our Mutual Friend", but after several failed attempts, I finally decided to download it off of Librivox and instead try listening during my morning commute. What a joy! I especially appreciate how several readers made a point to read chapters centering around a common characters. There are many excellent readings, including quite a few chapters by Alan Chant, Andy Minter and Ophelia Darcy. There were a few chapters were the quality of the reading, or the sound, was below par, but overall, it was an excellent introduction into the wonderfully drawn characters that make Dickens a master of British Literature. reads us through Mr. Boffin. Andy Minter brings Mr. Wegg

it's free

(5 stars)

The book is free so I'm going to try to resist talking about a few of the narrators that are incredibly annoying. And yet they're balanced out by several that are amazing narrators. The book itself is very long but it's interesting and well written it I didn't care much for the romance, comma especially between John and Bella. Otherwise it was an excellent book.