The Art of Fiction

Read by Julie VW

(4.5 stars; 23 reviews)

A lecture on the art of fiction, given by the English critic Walter Besant on April 25, 1884, and an answer to the lecture by American writer Henry James in the same year. (Summary by Julie VW) (2 hr 24 min)


Lecture Part 1 40:45 Read by Julie VW
Lecture Part 2 40:17 Read by Julie VW
Response to the Lecture 1:03:26 Read by Julie VW


Food for thought

(4.5 stars)

These lectures by both authors are intriguing and the recording is pretty good. The speaker is quite harsh on her s's and this can make it a little difficult to find the correct listening volume at times, but all in all fairly good.

A little gem

(5 stars)

If you enjoy the classics, why not explore some thoughts on writing from the pros? As always, Julie does a lovely job !

Very informative

(5 stars)

Very useful. Well read.