Read by Mark F. Smith

(4.6 stars; 317 reviews)

“Doc” E.E. Smith pretty much invented the space opera genre, and Triplanetary is a good and well-known example. Physics, time, and politics never stand in the way of a plot that gallops ahead without letup.
Having earned a PhD in chemical engineering, it’s understandable that the heroes of Smith’s story are all scientists. He didn’t want to be constrained by the limits of known science, however, so in his hands the electromagnetic spectrum becomes a raw material to be molded into ever-more amazing and lethal forms, and the speed of light is no bar to traveling through the interstellar void.
Come enjoy this story of yesteryear, set in tomorrow, where real women ignite love at a glance, real men achieve in days what governments manage in decades, and aliens are an ever-present threat to Life-As-We-Know-It! (Summary by Mark F. Smith) (6 hr 25 min)


01 - Pirates of Space 41:13 Read by Mark F. Smith
02 - In Roger's Planetoid 36:52 Read by Mark F. Smith
03 - Fleet Against Planetoid 25:23 Read by Mark F. Smith
04 - Within the Red Veil 40:33 Read by Mark F. Smith
05 - Nevian Strife 39:54 Read by Mark F. Smith
06 - Worm, Submarine, and Freedom 15:20 Read by Mark F. Smith
07 - The Hill 27:09 Read by Mark F. Smith
08 - The Super-Ship Is Launched 13:59 Read by Mark F. Smith
09 - Specimens 10:14 Read by Mark F. Smith
10 - The Boise Acts 33:35 Read by Mark F. Smith
11 - Roger Carries On 33:32 Read by Mark F. Smith
12 - The Specimens Escape 38:48 Read by Mark F. Smith
13 - The Meeting of the Giants 28:47 Read by Mark F. Smith


Starts great....

(4 stars)

This story really started out great and even seemed quite contemporary in the beginning.... However, the farther along it went, the more improbable and predictable it got. By the end I didn't finish listening to the final chapter... No worries, I think the first three quarters of the story were worth a listen as Doc Smith had some great ideas that would be quite revolutionary in their day. Towards the end, it got a little too absurd and predictable to hold my attention. Again, I want to state that Doc Smith had some revolutionary ideas for his time that made this story a great listen for 90% of the tale. Unfortunately the "love interest" part really showed the banal shortcomings of it's era. By the end, a ray or a beam for every affliction or problem was predictable by its boring redundancy. Despite all my complaints, as compared to other works of the contemporaries, I still want to give this four stars. (How do ya figure???) Mr Mark Smith gives a FANTASTIC performance in his reading! Such a talent! Librivox, The Internet Archive, and all those who get the benefit of these works are so fortunate for all those folks who selflessly devote their time and talents. I know I speak for countless others when I offer a million thanks to all those involved!

(5 stars)

mark f smith is the perfect reader, a real delight to listen to. i wish i could somehow donate to him, he has given me hours of pure bliss

Thoroughly Enjoyable!

(5 stars)

Another winner from Mark Smith; and what I suppose to be a good intro to E. E. 'Doc' Smith. Plenty of action, lots of fantastic (although not totally ridiculous) technology, good story and decent character development. I know this was shoehorned into the Lensman Series but I like it as a stand alone story personally. I am definitely interested in reading/hearing more E. E. Smith books now. The more I listen to it, the more I like this old school SciFi.

This is a great story

(5 stars)

I loved how the perspectives of different alien races is involved, it makes for a great story. The people of Sol (Earth) are just dumb monkey apes who have LOTS of iron in their cities and in their blood! The Nevians plan to have all of it, since they are just dumb animals, it is no big loss. The people of Sol are much more than that, and prove it. Mark Smith is an excellent reader. This story has two versions on LV, and I have listened to them both. I am hoping that the sequels are read next! What a ride! Oh, and I don't expect Star Wars quality stories since they are older stories from an earlier time. I just want a good story that takes me away from my desk, and this does exactly that. :-) Enjoy!

Everything old is new again.

(5 stars)

After encountering several "Doc" Smith stories here, I have to admit- I love em! Stories of the future, told from the past. Something which I really, really like about these, is that they're original, and different. E.E Smith had a great imagination, and somehow managed to write interesting tales of adventure without resorting to the tawdry laziness of over the top violence, vulgarity, in any form, or boring similarity, which is unfortunately all too common in many modern works. So refreshing. Mark Smith, the reader here, is excellent, and the story moves along well, and holds my interest. The descriptions of the equipment they use is fascinating to me. Ye Olde School indeed, it reminds me of Steampunk stories I've read, so Spacepunk? Definitely. I look forward to more of these wonderful stories.

Free Audio Review

(5 stars)

This story starts off with high sci fi action, moves into the middle story with high action and speeds into a high action ending! It never relents. Fight, fear and foe are the watch words of this narrative with fight being to the fore. Triplanetary is a government like organisation that spans the three populated planets of Earth's solar system, and it has many enemies. The story starts with pirates being ... piratanical within the solar system and moves into an attack by seemingly unstoppable aliens with weapons that can tear worlds apart. The story keeps your attention and the reader is excellent, a near perfect combination for fans of classic sci fi. I heartily recommend this Librivox presentation. Read more of my reviews of Free Audio Books at


(5 stars)

This book, very ably and entertainingly read by Mark F. Smith is such a throwback, socially, culturally and scientifically, that it was almost funny in places. As such "space operas" go, its content has been overtaken by modern events and inventions as well as social and cultural change, it is almost a window into our own past vs a science fiction vision into our future. I have come to greatly admire Mr Smith's reading skills, noting how his expressiveness supports and frames the reading rather than distracting from the book's content.

A fine take, well read

(4.5 stars)

The story is interesting. It has some fine and curios ideas in it. They are generally well realised in the narrative. I found the love story element of it unnecessary and was not well done, probably fine in the time it was written, but to modern ears it’s hokey. The story is on the whole strong and sits well in what you’d expect of the genre. The reader does a good job of bringing it all to life.