Michael Strogoff

Read by David Leeson

(4.6 stars; 187 reviews)

This is the account of the perilous mission of Michael Strogoff, courier for Czar Alexander II, who is sent from Moscow to the besieged city of Irkutsk, where the governor, brother of the Czar, has taken his last stand against a Tartar rebellion led by the fearsome Feofar-Khan. When telegraph lines are cut between the Russian Far East and the mainland, Strogoff must make his way through hostile territory to warn the governor of the return of the traitor Ivan Ogareff, a disgraced former officer who seeks vengeance against the Tsar’s family by the destruction of Irkutsk. (Summary adapted from Wikipedia) (9 hr 45 min)


A Fete at the New Palace 20:59 Read by David Leeson
Russians and Tartars 20:15 Read by David Leeson
Michael Strogoff Meets the Czar 12:20 Read by David Leeson
From Moscow to Nijni-Novgorod 28:40 Read by David Leeson
The Two Announcements 18:26 Read by David Leeson
Brother and Sister 13:22 Read by David Leeson
Going Down the Volga 17:17 Read by David Leeson
Going Up the Kama 13:38 Read by David Leeson
Day and Night in a Tarantass 16:46 Read by David Leeson
A Storm in the Ural Mountains 15:37 Read by David Leeson
Travelers in Distress 19:11 Read by David Leeson
Provocation 21:51 Read by David Leeson
Duty Before Everything 16:02 Read by David Leeson
Mother and Son 19:30 Read by David Leeson
The Marshes of the Baraba 17:14 Read by David Leeson
A Final Effort 18:26 Read by David Leeson
The Rivals 14:56 Read by David Leeson
A Tartar Camp 19:49 Read by David Leeson
Correspondents in Trouble 28:36 Read by David Leeson
Blow For Blow 21:41 Read by David Leeson
The Triumphal Entry 12:33 Read by David Leeson
"Look While You May!" 16:17 Read by David Leeson
A Friend on the Highway 19:43 Read by David Leeson
The Passage of the Yenisei 19:36 Read by David Leeson
A Hare Crosses the Road 19:05 Read by David Leeson
In the Steppe 17:55 Read by David Leeson
Baikal and Angara 19:05 Read by David Leeson
Between Two Banks 20:16 Read by David Leeson
Irkutsk 19:56 Read by David Leeson
The Czar's Courier 16:54 Read by David Leeson
The Night of the Fifth of October 19:28 Read by David Leeson
Conclusion 10:28 Read by David Leeson


Not for the super sensitive...

(2 stars)

The narrator did an excellent job, and up to a point in the plot, I enjoyed this unique work by Verne. It is very different from many of his other works and is thrilling to listen to. The reason for this review is to warn sensitive individuals who have a hard time hearing cruelty described. I will not give particular spoilers, but the main character (and some other) are badly treated. Please be careful if you know this sort of thing troubles you. You might handle it fine, but it shook me up very badly.

(5 stars)

A different premise from other Verne books to which I've listened. Very good as told as only Jules Verne can do. He makes you care deeply

Great story, great reading

(5 stars)

This is a fun and suspenseful adventure story, with a dash of romance. A very fun story! The reading is wonderful - great voice and intonation. Highly recommended! I've added the readers name as per request

Michael Strogoff

(5 stars)

Well read. Good yarn over a long story line with good Plot and buildup, great overview of earlier days in travels across Russia... Tense with good characters and detailed environment scenic descriptions with strong emotions built up regarding the barbarism of the conquering/invading foes to Russia. Much enjoyed, thanks!

great book

(5 stars)

great book! I loved the reader. he did a perfect job. I also was surprised by how much I liked this book, the description does not do it justice. I would highly suggest this book.

Educational. Persevere to the End!

(4 stars)

I really enjoyed listening to the first half of the book! The reader did an excellent job, and the book was written in a different, Vernian style. Verne painted a detailed picture of life in 19th century Russia, which was still united under the Czar. Towards the middle of the book, some disturbing events take place which may upset someone with a weaker constitution, like myself. But, I just skipped past a couple of parts, and persevered through to the end of the book. It was worth it! I think that would have been the theme of Michael's mission: Persevere to the end!

Good Reading, Great Story

(5 stars)

No complaints about the quality of the reading, it was pleasant and consistent. I had never heard of this book, but have been working my way through Jules Verne audiobooks. This story is different from a lot of what I have listened to by Verne, but easily became one of my favorite stories. This adventure is wonderful!


(5 stars)

A very different sort of book for Verne, but a rousing success. Verne's penchant for detail serves well as the descriptions of the heroic trek actually give one a fine description of the countryside, much like a travelogue. The reader offered a fine interpretation of the tale.