Spoon River Anthology

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(3.8 stars; 8 reviews)

This is a collection of poems, in the form of an entire community speaking from beyond the grave about their lives, and, in some cases, gossiping about their neighbors' lives. It's interesting to hear how other people perceive a particular character, and how that character responds. (6 hr 10 min)


Hill, The 2:53 Read by Lokon
Hod Putt 1:09 Read by Matthew Shepherd
Ollie McGee 1:00 Read by Kristin Hughes (1974-2021)
Fletcher McGee 1:32 Read by Forrest Beal
Robert Fulton Tanner 1:30 Read by Joshua Young
Cassius Hueffer 0:56 Read by Kurt Copeland
Serepta Mason 0:53 Read by Gesine
Amanda Barker 0:54 Read by Fox in the Stars
Constance Hately 0:46 Read by Westwinds12
Chase Henry 0:50 Read by Kurt Copeland
Harry Carey Goodhue 1:20 Read by Anthony Craine
Judge Somers 1:05 Read by David Barnes
Kinsey Keene 1:17 Read by Jessica Orlando
Benjamin Pantier 1:10 Read by Samantha Hayes
Mrs. Benjamin Pantier 1:27 Read by Gesine
Reuben Pantier 1:50 Read by Betsie Bush
Emily Sparks 1:31 Read by Kristin LeMoine
Trainor, the Druggist 1:32 Read by Marlo Dianne
Daisy Fraser 1:13 Read by Westwinds12
Benjamin Fraser 1:24 Read by Kurt Copeland
Minerva Jones 1:39 Read by Marlo Dianne
Indignation Jones 1:47 Read by Gesine
Doctor Meyers 1:25 Read by Peter Yearsley
Mrs. Meyers 0:50 Read by Westwinds12
Butch Weldy 1:20 Read by Joshua Young
Knowlt Hoheimer 1:31 Read by Marlo Dianne
Lydia Puckett 0:33 Read by chriss the girl
Frank Drummer 0:55 Read by Lokon
Hare Drummer 1:53 Read by David Barnes
Conrad Siever 1:01 Read by Kurt Copeland
Doc Hill 1:08 Read by Matthew Shepherd
Andy the Night-Watch 0:58 Read by Anthony Craine
Sarah Brown 0:53 Read by Claire Goget
Percy Bysshe Shelley 0:51 Read by Samantha Hayes
Flossie Cabanis 1:16 Read by Gesine
Julia Miller 1:15 Read by Caitlin Kelly
Johnnie Sayre 1:10 Read by Aaron Decker
Charlie French 0:57 Read by Fox in the Stars
Zenas Witt 1:16 Read by Kirk Thomas
Theodore the Poet 1:21 Read by Phil Bordelon
Town Marshal, The 1:04 Read by Jessica Orlando
Jack McGuire 1:15 Read by Kirk Thomas
Dorcas Gustine 1:12 Read by Fox in the Stars
Nicholas Bindle 0:54 Read by Aaron Decker
Jacob Goodpasture 1:26 Read by Sean McKinley
Harold Arnett 2:02 Read by David Barnes
Margaret Fuller Slack 1:27 Read by Gesine
George Trimble 1:02 Read by Everett Thompson
Dr. Siegfried Iseman 1:04 Read by Matthew Walton
Ace Shaw 0:54 Read by Fox in the Stars
Lois Spears 1:16 Read by Kristin LeMoine
Justice Arnett 1:23 Read by Sean McKinley
Willard Fluke 1:45 Read by David Barnes
Aner Clute 1:14 Read by Calliope
Lucius Atherton 1:14 Read by Kirk Thomas
Homer Clapp 1:26 Read by Westwinds12
Deacon Taylor 0:34 Read by Joshua Young
Sam Hookey 0:52 Read by Westwinds12
Cooney Potter 0:56 Read by Kirk Thomas
Fiddler Jones 1:07 Read by chriss the girl
Nellie Clark 0:54 Read by Alys AtteWater
Louise Smith 1:16 Read by Caitlin Kelly
Herbert Marshall 1:03 Read by Kirk Thomas
George Gray 1:05 Read by Anthony Craine
Hon. Henry Bennett 1:05 Read by Heather Lambert
Griffy the Cooper 1:01 Read by Calliope
Sexsmith the Dentist 1:27 Read by Matthew Shepherd
A. D. Blood 0:47 Read by Victoria Grace
Robert Southey 1:52 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
Dora Williams 1:53 Read by Fae Haldane
Mrs. Williams 1:04 Read by chriss the girl
William and Emily 0:58 Read by Hollylyn
Circuit Judge, The 1:03 Read by Ken Hallenius
Blind Jack 1:00 Read by Sean McGaughey
John Horace Burleson 1:11 Read by Kirk Thomas
Nancy Knapp 1:19 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
Barry Holden 1:25 Read by David Barnes
State's Attorney Fallas 1:05 Read by Anthony Craine
Wendell P. Bloyd 1:41 Read by petespaw
Francis Turner 0:53 Read by Victoria Grace
Franklin Jones 0:54 Read by Kirk Thomas
John M. Church 1:11 Read by Lokon
Russian Sonia 1:37 Read by Caitlin Kelly
Isa Nutter 1:26 Read by Persephone Munt
Barney Hainsfeather 0:49 Read by Maddie
Petit, the Poet 1:07 Read by Andrea L
Pauline Barrett 1:50 Read by Heidi Mo Hawkins
Mrs. Charles Bliss 1:41 Read by Fox in the Stars
Mrs. George Reece 1:03 Read by Joyce Nussbaum
Rev. Lemuel Wiley 0:46 Read by Victoria Grace
Thomas Ross, Jr. 1:09 Read by Heather Lambert
Rev. Abner Peet 0:46 Read by Rob Howard
Jefferson Howard 1:27 Read by Victoria Grace
Judge Selah Lively 1:25 Read by Tina Tilney
Albert Schirding 1:22 Read by Kirk Thomas
Jonas Keene 1:01 Read by quieteyes
Eugenia Todd 1:24 Read by Kristin LeMoine
Yee Bow 1:16 Read by Fox in the Stars
Washington McNeely 1:52 Read by Maddie
Paul McNeely 1:25 Read by Kirk Thomas
Mary McNeely 1:09 Read by Kristin Hughes (1974-2021)
Daniel M'Cumber 1:17 Read by petespaw
Georgine Sand Miner 1:38 Read by Victoria Long
Thomas Rhodes 0:54 Read by Dan Threetrees
Ida Chicken 0:58 Read by chriss the girl
Penniwit, the Artist 1:11 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
Jim Brown 1:36 Read by Ralph Klapis
Robert Davidson 1:29 Read by Kirk Thomas
Elsa Wertman 1:43 Read by Fox in the Stars
Hamilton Greene 0:49 Read by Sean McGaughey
Ernest Hyde 1:10 Read by Thomas Rappel
Roger Heston 1:00 Read by Aaron Decker
Amos Sibley 0:53 Read by Dan Threetrees
Mrs. Sibley 0:46 Read by Andrea L
Adam Weirauch 1:27 Read by Kirk Thomas
Ezra Bartlett 1:04 Read by Sean McGaughey
Amelia Garrick 1:24 Read by Fox in the Stars
John Hancock Otis 1:16 Read by Dann Denning
Anthony Findlay 1:12 Read by Simon Keating
John Cabanis 1:20 Read by Kirk Thomas
Unknown, The 0:52 Read by Elizabeth Palmer
Alexander Throckmorton 0:34 Read by Maddie
Jonathan Swift Somers (Author of the Spooniad) 0:55 Read by Samantha Hayes
Widow McFarlane 1:21 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
Carl Hamblin 1:45 Read by Kirk Thomas
Editor Whedon 1:29 Read by Matthew O'Meara
Eugene Carman 1:37 Read by petespaw
Clarence Fawcett 1:05 Read by Greg Aughe
W. Lloyd Garrison Standard 1:58 Read by David Barnes
Professor Newcomer 1:02 Read by Kirk Thomas
Ralph Rhodes 1:21 Read by Deb Bacon-Ziegler
Mickey M'Grew 1:09 Read by Joshua Young
Rosie Roberts 0:51 Read by chriss the girl
Oscar Hummel 1:19 Read by Kirk Thomas
Roscoe Purkapile 1:30 Read by Everett Thompson
Mrs. Purkapile 1:08 Read by Kristin LeMoine
Josiah Tompkins 1:24 Read by Ralph Klapis
Mrs. Kessler 1:38 Read by Caitlin Kelly
Harmon Whitney 2:00 Read by Kirk Thomas
Bert Kessler 1:11 Read by Matthew Walton
Lambert Hutchins 1:50 Read by Kirk Thomas
Lillian Stewart 1:28 Read by Calliope
Hortense Robbins 0:57 Read by Joyce Nussbaum
Batterton Dobyns 1:03 Read by Greg Aughe
Jacob Godbey 1:20 Read by Kirk Thomas
Walter Simmons 1:17 Read by quieteyes
Tom Beatty 1:24 Read by Kirk Thomas
Roy Butler 1:43 Read by David Barnes
Searcy Foote 1:41 Read by Sean McGaughey
Edmund Pollard 1:36 Read by Aaron Decker
Thomas Trevelyan 1:38 Read by Kirk Thomas
Percival Sharp 1:44 Read by Greg Aughe
Hiram Scates 1:36 Read by Linda Leu
Peleg Poague 1:09 Read by Kirk Thomas
Jeduthan Hawley 1:26 Read by frankjf
Abel Melveny 1:21 Read by Kirk Thomas
Oaks Tutt 1:49 Read by quieteyes
Elliott Hawkins 1:45 Read by Kirk Thomas
Voltaire Johnson 1:08 Read by Linda Leu
English Thornton 1:33 Read by Kirk Thomas
Enoch Dunlap 1:12 Read by Maddie
Ida Frickey 1:33 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
Seth Compton 1:17 Read by Aaron Decker
Felix Schmidt 1:32 Read by Betsie Bush
Schroeder the Fisherman 1:22 Read by Kirk Thomas
Richard Bone 1:24 Read by Joshua Young
Silas Dement 1:14 Read by Greg Aughe
Dillard Sissman 1:36 Read by Linda Leu
Jonathan Houghton 1:39 Read by Kirk Thomas
E. C. Culbertson 1:24 Read by Linda Leu
Shack Dye 1:22 Read by Glen Hallstrom
Hildrup Tubbs 1:24 Read by Kirk Thomas
Henry Tripp 1:43 Read by quieteyes
Granville Calhoun 1:16 Read by frankjf
Henry C. Calhoun 1:31 Read by Kirk Thomas
Alfred Moir 1:06 Read by Samantha Hayes
Perry Zoll 0:59 Read by quieteyes
Dippold the Optician 2:13 Read by Kirk Thomas
Magrady Graham 1:32 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
Archibald Higbie 1:29 Read by Linda Leu
Tom Merritt 0:49 Read by Thomas Hoover
Mrs. Merritt 1:09 Read by Cori Samuel
Elmer Karr 0:50 Read by Greg Aughe
Elizabeth Childers 1:38 Read by Maddie
Edith Conant 1:32 Read by Alys AtteWater
Charles Webster 1:55 Read by Linda Leu
Father Malloy 1:33 Read by Kirk Thomas
Ami Green 0:48 Read by Elizabeth Palmer
Calvin Campbell 1:09 Read by frankjf
Henry Layton 1:10 Read by Kirk Thomas
Harlan Sewall 1:16 Read by Greg Aughe
Ippolit Konovaloff 1:28 Read by Kirk Thomas
Henry Phipps 1:51 Read by Sean McGaughey
Harry Wilmans 1:27 Read by Anthony Craine
John Wasson 1:34 Read by Kirk Thomas
Many Soldiers 1:31 Read by frankjf
Godwin James 1:54 Read by Kirk Thomas
Lyman King 1:02 Read by Sean McGaughey
Caroline Branson 3:03 Read by Kristin LeMoine
Anne Rutledge 1:01 Read by Linda Leu
Hamlet Micure 1:43 Read by Kirk Thomas
Mabel Osborne 1:31 Read by Fox in the Stars
William H. Herndon 1:44 Read by Sean McGaughey
Rebecca Wasson 2:27 Read by Caitlin Kelly
Rutherford McDowell 1:42 Read by Kirk Thomas
Hannah Armstrong 1:46 Read by Fox in the Stars
Lucinda Matlock 1:20 Read by Alys AtteWater
Davis Matlock 1:13 Read by Greg Aughe
Herman Altman 1:10 Read by Matthew O'Meara
Jennie M'Grew 1:13 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
Columbus Cheney 0:54 Read by Kirk Thomas
Wallace Ferguson 1:33 Read by frankjf
Maria Bateson 0:57 Read by Joyce Nussbaum
Tennessee Claflin Shope 1:07 Read by Rob Howard
Plymouth Rock Joe 2:11 Read by Betsie Bush
Imanuel Ehrenhardt 1:07 Read by Aaron Decker
Samuel Gardner 1:35 Read by Peter Yearsley
Dow Kritt 1:08 Read by Linda Leu
William Jones 1:19 Read by Kirk Thomas
William Goode 0:58 Read by Sean McGaughey
J. Milton Miles 1:11 Read by Cori Samuel
Faith Matheny 1:17 Read by Joyce Nussbaum
Scholfield Huxley 1:43 Read by Phil Bordelon
Willie Metcalf 1:29 Read by Greg Aughe
Willie Pennington 1:15 Read by quieteyes
Village Atheist, The 0:57 Read by Alys AtteWater
John Ballard 1:25 Read by Eveleaf
Julian Scott 0:59 Read by Samantha Hayes
Alfonso Churchill 1:02 Read by Greg Aughe
Zilpha Marsh 1:50 Read by Fox in the Stars
James Garber 1:51 Read by Kirk Thomas
Lydia Humphrey 1:03 Read by Annie Coleman Rothenberg
Le Roy Goldman 1:13 Read by Sean McGaughey
Gustav Richter 1:56 Read by Lokon
Arlo Will 1:26 Read by Kirk Thomas
Captain Orlando Killion 1:19 Read by Deb Bacon-Ziegler
Jeremy Carlisle 1:29 Read by Kirk Thomas
Joseph Dixon 1:30 Read by Eveleaf
Judson Stoddard 0:54 Read by Greg Aughe
Russell Kincaid 1:29 Read by Betsie Bush
Aaron Hatfield 1:36 Read by Aaron Decker
Isaiah Beethoven 2:04 Read by Matthew Walton
Elijah Browning 2:28 Read by Eveleaf
Webster Ford 2:16 Read by Sean McGaughey
Spooniad, The 17:13 Read by Peter Yearsley
Epilogue, The 27:47 Read by LibriVox Volunteers



(5 stars)

this book was given to me at the age of 15 under the direction that the book had changed the person's life and handed it. now the book has changed my life.