Short Poetry Collection 083

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

This is a collection of poems submitted by LibriVox volunteers for the months of September and October 2009. (1 hr 27 min)


Alchemy 0:44 Read by ravenotation
Annabel Lee 2:10 Read by Anita Fleming
A Baby 1:05 Read by Tamara Trujillo
Because I could not stop for death 0:56 Read by Anita Fleming
The Better Part 1:13 Read by Ruth Golding
Beyond Kerguelen 5:18 Read by Mark F. Smith
Cities of the Plain, from Toward the Gulf 4:36 Read by Bellona Times
The Cottage by the Sea 2:01 Read by Jody Bly
Evolution 2:13 Read by Craig Campbell
A Farewell to the World 2:16 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
The Fire 4:17 Read by Ruth Golding
The First Anniversary of the Government Under His Highness the Lord Protector 23:37 Read by Aringguth
The Hippopotamus 2:29 Read by Kalynda
Horatian Ode upon Cromwell's Return from Ireland 4:57 Read by Aringguth
Lament 1:16 Read by S. Houghton
The Lips that Touch Liquor Shall Never Touch Mine 3:38 Read by Abigail Bartels
Malade 1:43 Read by Cori Samuel
The Negro Speaks of Rivers 1:15 Read by Keith Derrick
To One In Paradise 1:37 Read by John L.
One Woman to All Women 2:34 Read by Cori Samuel
The Road and the End 1:11 Read by Michelle R. Wood
Silence 1:13 Read by Norm
Sonnet 29 1:16 Read by Kim Stich
Sonnet XLIII 1:19 Read by ravenotation
So We'll Go No More a Roving 0:53 Read by Michael R. Goldman
The Stage-Driver's Story 3:36 Read by Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
Supplication 0:35 Read by Victoria Grace
There's a Certain Slant of Light 1:00 Read by Kim Stich
Time does not bring relief; you all have lied 1:04 Read by Aspergine
Time does not bring relief; you all have lied 1:32 Read by Victoria Grace
The Witnesses 1:32 Read by Craig Campbell
A Woman's Answer 2:18 Read by Megan Kunkel