Man Overboard

Read by Roger Melin

(4.3 stars; 59 reviews)

Peculiar happenings aboard the schooner Helen B. Jackson when one night during a storm, the small crew found themselves diminished by one. Somebody had gone overboard, and it was surmised that it was one of the twin Benton brothers. But oddly enough, it seemed that the 'presence' of the missing twin continued to exist on board during the following weeks. For example, one extra set of silverware was found to be used after each meal, but nobody claimed to be using them. What then did happen that stormy night, and which brother, if indeed it was one of the brothers, was the man who went overboard? (Summary by Roger Melin) (1 hr 46 min)


1 - Section 1 29:27 Read by Roger Melin
2 - Section 2 29:42 Read by Roger Melin
3 - Section 3 28:12 Read by Roger Melin
4 - Section 4 19:16 Read by Roger Melin


Short Ghost/Thriller with Excellent Reading by Roger Melin

(4.5 stars)

Enjoyable sea story with a ghost story twist. As always, Mr. Roger Melin does an awesome job reading and recording.

just great ...

(5 stars)

thank you so much ...

(5 stars)

A creepy story read by an old hand...his voice goes with the character of a seen it all ship hand. Read so well you actually listen and focus on the story. The story itself is a bit confusing but that is the plot. Leaves you wondering what did happen. And yes..a couple of shiver me timbers spooky moments.

(5 stars)

It was a good short story. Read well by RM.