A Guide to Men

Read by Cori Samuel

(4.6 stars; 29 reviews)

A series of occasionally witty one-liners, poems and considerations on the subject of Men, Women and their Conjunction. By turns tender, bland, sexist (in both directions!) and funny. Summary by Cori Samuel.

From the text:

A man is like a park squirrel; if you fling your favors or your charms at his head he will never come up and eat out of your hand.

Even Satan could find a woman to call him "Dearie," if he would simply tell her that all he needed was "a beautiful woman's uplifting influence."

Every bride fancies that she married the original "cave-man" until she tries to persuade him to go out and argue with the furniture-movers. (1 hr 34 min)


01 - Foreword. Overture (Prelude, Refrain) 5:20 Read by Cori Samuel
02 - Bachelors (First Interlude) 10:20 Read by Cori Samuel
03 - True Love--How to know it (Variations) 6:26 Read by Cori Samuel
04 - Blondes (Cymbals and Kettle-drums) 8:14 Read by Cori Samuel
05 - What Every Woman Wonders (Second Interlude) 11:32 Read by Cori Samuel
06 - Brides (Syncopations) 8:59 Read by Cori Samuel
07 - Divorces (Third Interlude) 7:02 Read by Cori Samuel
08 - Widows (Improvisations) 7:33 Read by Cori Samuel
09 - Widowers (Fourth Interlude) 8:09 Read by Cori Samuel
10 - Second Marriages (Intermezzo) 8:06 Read by Cori Samuel
11 - Woman and Her Infinite Variety 5:03 Read by Cori Samuel
12 - Maxims of Cleopatra (Finale) 7:33 Read by Cori Samuel


Wonderfully Witty

(5 stars)

This book was a treasure. Truly funny and great wit the statements often speak much truth. While customs and standards have changed much if one aims for a higher life with more proper morals then these truths can be easily applied today. As for the put downs or stereotypes they are really warnings against a decay in morals and obligations - just what our society has become. Every read by Cori is beautiful with her accent and well reading. To me, Cori's accent seemed not so strong in these recording. That was a bit of a let down but neveeless it was wonderful to listen to. Thank you Cori for your work and the find.

superb and parts are still relevant today. excellent narrative

(5 stars)

Great Fun! Even Better with Cori!

(5 stars)

This was such fun light entertainment. And probably only Cori Samuel could bring out the zing in the wit and wisdom of this timeless commentary. Thanks again Ms. Samuel for all your great volunteer work and your dedication to your Art.


(3.5 stars)

It's like all the 1930s romantic comedies are throwing back shots as fast as they're throwing one-liners! There are a few good ones, a few bad ones, and a lot of outdated ones.

light entertainment

(5 stars)

thank you Cori for finding and reading this, it caused me so many smiles

(5 stars)

A witty and sometimes too true account of relationships.


(5 stars)

Helen is a G for this one